Wow, we are FINALISTS!

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I thought I would post this on the Oregon board,  since I am a Portland Knottie. 

SO I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and an ad came up for a Dexknows Weddings Resessionista contest...it was in 200 words or less tell us one way you are saving money on your Wedding.  4 winning couples win $10,000 for their wedding!  So I wrote my little 200 word blurb on how we are using gold and daimonds recycled from our familes to make our custom wedding bands, as a way of symbolically bringing our families and their histories together as one.  I was 100% shocked that my entry was actually chosen as a finalist!  I would love to link to it and say vote for me, but I don't know if it is appropriate on here.  I will give you the link to all of  the finalists, so you and read them and choose your favorite...and please keep my story in mind when you decide to vote for the winner...Joining Histories and Families is ours.  :-) You can only vote one time per computer...happy voting!

Re: Wow, we are FINALISTS!

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