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I placed an order from Walmart for a Frozen Castle - just got 2 huge boxes delivered, they sent me two.  I went online and looked, they only charged for one.  I tried calling and the lady acted like I had 2 heads, she just kept saying - you got the order, not sure what you want us to do. 

Re: WWWWD - Rec. 2 only ord. 1...

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    Since you tried to right the mistake and were unsuccessful, I think I would donate the freebie to Toys For Tots or some other charity.  Of course, you could call back, get someone else and see if they would help.
  • I generally do a "I make 1-2 chances to correct your error, then the cost to me is to much" on things like that.
    I vote toys for tots :)
  • Toys For Tots or eBay. :)
  • Rather than TFT - which is a wonderful organization - my vote is if you know someone who doesn't have much and the family is one to not ask for assistance of any kind - that the castle show up on their porch with a big bow on Christmas Eve night...
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