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Hello! New bride to be here :) I've been so incredibly lucky to have a friend offer to do my hair and make up AND 4 of my bridesmaids hair and make up PLUS a trial completely free of charge. On top of that, my step mom (a professional baker) offered to do our dessert table free of charge as well. I was so happy I cried. As a bride on a budget that was exactly what I needed to hear to not be so stressed.

I would love to give them amazing gifts for their services. I'm a little stuck on what is good enough to give them to show how much it means to me.

Any suggestions?

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    Since you know these people well, shop for them like it was their Birthday or Christmas. What would they enjoy?

    I would consider the price point they are gifting you in regards to what you buy, i.e. don't buy them a $20 gift when you know what they are offering you is worth several hundred dollars. 

    I think a gift card to a restaurant is nice, but I would make it a fancy/ special restaurant, not one of those gift cards you can get at the grocery store for 5 different places. Gift card to the spa for a massage? If they are in to wine or spirits, perhaps a special vintage? 

  • I was thinking spa, too. That could be a great way to relax after so much work! Thank you :)
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    Are they doing these things as your wedding gift? If so, then that changes my answer. If they are doing it as wedding gifts then you should just send them a thank you card like you do for all the other gifts you received.

    If they are just doing it to be nice and it isn't considered your wedding gift then I agree with other PP's.

    Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from; I used to own a bakery. I would make wedding cakes for friends for free as their wedding present. If they would have gotten me a gift for that then I would have felt like I needed to get them another present because they kind of cancelled out my gift by buying me one in exchange.
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