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Happy thanksgiving everyone.

Today it is a very exciting day for me, because for the first time I will celebrate Thanksgiving. I have mentioned before I am not from here (USA) and I love its traditions I just didn't get to celebrate it before. 

I have cooked and I am excited to have my now husband try all the delicious typical dishes, (and some not so typical) for tonight's feast! Now, I want to start by saying I am grateful for my amazing parents who have shown me the way of how a marriage stays alive for 28 years and counting, thankful for health, even though I had my cancer scares I am cancer free so far.

This may sound silly, but I am thankful for the food I will eat, the bed I will sleep on, and the comfort of living I have. I don't take anything for granted, not for a second!

Long post over.....

What are you thankful for?

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    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I am thankful for having a very patient husband.
    A loving dog. A job. And a roof over my head.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm thankful for my family and wonderful fiance, my kitties, my job, the turkey that's dry brining in my fridge, and my health. 


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    I'm thankful that we finally made it through a really hard year and are in one piece. I'm thankful that FSS is home this year for Thanksgiving instead of with his mom's family. 

    I'm also thankful that I found you ladies who really have helped me through a lot of crap this year since most of it I could not talk to anyone about IRL. 
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    I'm thankful that I get to spend today with my husband and that we are all healthy! Also for the time we get to spend with our parents and siblings.

    My younger sister (who was my MOH) came into town and I haven't seen her since July and I missed her SO much I just about cried seeing her! She learned how to play the song I walked down the aisle to on the piano and surprised me with that. More crying.

    MIL gifted me a "our first Christmas" ornament and I cried when I opened that today! So kind and thoughtful and generous, because I had mentioned that we didn't have an ornament and I wanted one awhile ago.

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    Thankful for my husband, a house to live in, decent jobs, and a new group of friends to spend the day with (we just moved to a new town six months ago.)
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    I am thankful that my mom seems to be recovering well from her hip replacement. 
    I have to share: My thanksgiving ended horribly but I have the most amazing husband! We were in bed already when we heard something explode. Our hot water heater split and BOOM! All the water started coming out. All the clothes were wet, my sisters were scared so he was doing everything by himself closing the thing, getting wet, our carpet was a mess.  
    The only thing I have to complain now is all my laundry. I have to send so many things to the cleaners and probably 4 -6 loads of laundry :( ughhh
    Oh no!  That sucks, and I presume you ave to buy a new water heater now?  
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