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Looking at venues in Vegas...underwhelming and confused....

Hi All,

I arrived in Vegas on Tuesday and have been looking at venues since then...honestly I'm confused.

1. Wynn - This was my favorite, I was looking forward to seeing the Primrose Courtyard. It was beautiful but, it was so small compared to the pictures. I can't imagine how they fit so many people. Also, the chapels looked very small. I didn't like the hotel or the rooms either, too much random color for me and the bed killed my back. 

2. Mandarin Oriental - Very traditional wedding venue. Large ballrooms for the reception, cocktail hour and ceremony. I loved that there was so much space. Unfortunately, the hotel is on the "boring" side since there is no casino and you have to go outside to get to Aria. Loved the rooms and the service. 

3. Aria - Loved the hotel and the rooms, I also loved the decor of the wedding chapel but it was just too small and cramped together.  Hated their "ballrooms" and the girl who was showing me around was extremely cold. 

4. Bellagio - Hate the old look of their wedding chapels. Loved the idea of having the ceremony at the Hyde Club overlooking the fountains. I'm more worried about the cost of this (hoping 50K will be enough). I also loved the idea of having the reception at Prime because yet again the fountains were great. I don't really like the Bellagio hotel, it seems very old to me. 

Tomorrow I'm going to Mandalay Bay and the Venetian/Palazzo. 

I just want to find a hotel where I like their wedding options and the hotel itself. 
I want to have the ceremony, then the cocktail hour, then the reception and go to a club afterwards. Does that sound out of the ordinary for a Vegas wedding? Would it be possible? Ideally, all would happen at one hotel. 

Can anyone give me any ideas? I'm honestly more confused and discouraged at the moment. 

Thank you!

Re: Looking at venues in Vegas...underwhelming and confused....

  • Maybe check out Cosmo?  That might be more your style. 

  • Hyde is great and $50k is not unreasonable for that space. There are lots of great reviews for Mandalay (check out Foundation Room!...AMAZING!). Best of luck and I'm sure you'll find a great option. 
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  • 50 k sounds like a huge budget for what you can get in Vegas and I agree Mandalay is the way to go!
  • what about the Venetian?
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    Sounds like Cosmo might be your scene, I agree. I can't tell you personally because I am having everything pretty much as opposite as you imagine from that, but I did think the wedding info package from Cosmo was really beautiful and it would definitely fit your aesthetic/vibe from the sounds of it.

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    "Unfortunately, the hotel is on the "boring" side since there is no casino and you have to go outside to get to Aria."
    that's the best part.  if you don't agree with that statement, then MO is not the right hotel for you. 

    "I want to have the ceremony, then the cocktail hour, then the reception and go to a club afterwards. Does that sound out of the ordinary for a Vegas wedding? Would it be possible? Ideally, all would happen at one hotel. "
    I'm hearing "Cosmo". 
  • I think you would like the Cosmo...Check there. 

    Also have you looked at the Mirage? You could do it all there and they have some different options for ceremonies... 
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  • Unless you need a chapel ceremony, keep in mind there are many available options for wedding locations at each of those venues listed. For example, MO can be done in their beautiful bar. Aria has options in the spa, poolside, and in the art gallery. Almost every nightclub in those hotels can be accommodated to do a private ceremony and reception too! Just keep your eyes open- if you see a spot that you can transform, it probably can be done!! 
  • I'm having a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at Cili at the Bali Hai Golf Club. THen, we take a party bus to the club (still deciding which one because my club promoter wants to get us to the hottest club that weekend!)
  • 50k is doable. Hyde is gorgeous and would have been my first pick, but it wasn't in the budget. An email I received from them when inquiring was,

    "For your convenience, we have created our info package/brochure on our web page. You may want to review this, as all of our packages, prices and even photos can be found here. The site is . I have also attached our brochure for you to review. Please be advised that the minimum package to upgrade to Hyde is the Deluxe wedding package (Sundays thru Thursdays), Deluxe wedding package with premium (Fridays), and Bellagio wedding package (Saturdays). The upgrade to Hyde for the Ceremony is an additional $3500 on top of your wedding package."
  • Apparently someone forgot to pay the bill but once their website is back online, check out Mix at Delano (old THEHotel).  We felt the same way about most of the chapels and ballrooms (old, traditional, too small, etc.) and had our ceremony and reception at Mix on the 64th floor overlooking the strip and mountains.  You can easily pull it off for less than $50k, even with 120+ guests and open bar the whole time.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • I'm here as well and struggling with the same dilemma! Yesterday we visited Tropicana, Aria, and Cosmopolitan.

    I actually really liked all the venues we saw at Tropicana, especially the garden courtyard and the Havana Room.I can't come to terms with an outside wedding (too many what-ifs) so we may end up with the Havana room. But, we are spending today scrambling to look for venues where we wouldn't have to transport guests to our reception (Cosmo).

    I liked Aria, but it's SO pricey for what it is and didn't really feel special to me. Also, I really want a longer-aisle so the musicial has to play more than 5 notes before I get to the aisle! I don't like that they have set times for their weddings (only even hours) because that didn't work with our schedule for the day. I did love the bride & grooms suite.

    Cosmo is great but frankly their venues are terrible. I don't want to get married in a conference room (Point Loma) and the wedding suite was great, but only for ~20 guests. The rest (up to 40ish) will have to stand there, and I think that's just too awkward for my guests.

    So today......we have no idea where to go. We want another good INDOOR option that is walking distance to Cosmo. I don't like the photo's I've seen of the PH chapel (don't want colored glass in all my photos), the Paris chapel looks old and stuffy in photos. I imagine Bellagio and Mandarin are probably over our budget but I have no idea. Can't find info on Monte Carlo. This is definitely stressing me out! I'm right there with you.
  • Have any of you checked out Platinum Hotel? You can't beat the VIEW :) 
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  • I just checked that out after reading some other posts on here! Will show it to my fiance when he waks up. My favorite part is that they let you bring in outside vendors!

    A major issue I have with that venue is that it is outside. Our wedding will be 2/7/2015 and with it being on a rooftop I'm a little concerned about it being cold and windy. Additionally, we're planning our wedding for around 11am so the sun will be RIGHT in everyone's eyes, including mine!
  • You could have it at Kilowatt which I have heard is less windy. Another option is rent heaters. I have seen the weddings facing different ways so I am assuming they would be more than helpful in helping you figure out which way to have the ceremony. 
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    My girlfriend did hers at M resort... It looked fantastic ( They did everything there... Have you looked it up yet? Apparently it is "The Perfect All-Inclusive Venue

    The LUX Suites are the perfect venue to host your wedding ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dancing above the city lights—all in one luxurious and out-of-the-ordinary location!" -

    Maybe visit here and see if you find something you didn't think of:
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    Don't mean to thread-jack from ladysilver here. We went to the M resort yesterday to check out brunch at Studio B (which was great by the way!) but it is just too far away from the Strip for us. We really want our guests to experience the Las Vegas strip and while I really liked the photos of Lux and the M resort is beautiful, we just couldn't do it. After a night's rest I was feeling really good about Havana Room. It's amazing what clarity a night of sleep can bring. We still decided to go check out one more place after I saw it in a YouTube video: Chateau at Paris. It's not something I've read or seen anything about, but I really liked the photos. We viewed it last night and really like it as a second, similar on-strip option to Havana Room. We don't have pricing or anything yet....but one major advantage right off the bat is that Chateau handles their own events (it's not a part of the Paris wedding group) so it seems from our initial conversations that we might be able to source our own vendors. We'll see how the price on this comes in and then make a decision. Ladysilver, how'd you do? Did you decide on a venue??
  • There is a recent post on Little Vegas Wedding about a wedding at Chateau...looks gorgeous! Chateau is one of my favorite clubs!

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  • I LOVED the Havana Room but I hated the run around with available times for my ceremony given the fact that they want to maximize the club/ lounge areas availability to the public. But my date is on a Saturday in the summer. I hope you have more success!!!! 
  • I love Chateau too. I would love to know how much it costs to get that location.
  • I love the Havana room and had it been an option to book when I was looking I would have booked it.  But it didn't even reopen until 2 weeks before our wedding... 
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  • Has anyone checked out the Eiffel Tower Restaurant? They have private room with views over the fountains that can be used for ceremony and reception.
  • I have a phone conversation scheduled with Chateau tomorrow so I will report back!! I'm still feeling the Havana Club option because I love the idea of a looooong aisle! My coordinator told me Havana Club was an event space only, so I'm surprised you were having trouble with ceremony times.
  • @ladysilver I think it really depends on what style your looking for but, I'm sure you will find it in all one local for sure! Keep us informed of your progress. Best Wishes!
  • So.... Did you find a venue you loved? Where else did you view?
  • I picked the Mandarin Oriental!!!! 

    Honestly, I felt like compared to the ones I viewed it was the best option. I wanted a large space and the hotel is very nice. 

  • It is beautiful there - I luv it! And is Angela still the coordinator there??  She was amazing. We didn't wind up there but, believe me if I could have done it there I would have :-)
  • Yey another MO bride! We are getting married in the bar on 21st May :D Angela is fantastic!
  • Congrats on selecting a venue @ladysilver!! I looooooved Mandarin Oriental, just out of our price range.
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    I love Chateau too. I would love to know how much it costs to get that location.
    I was looking at 150 guests and it was going to run about 30k when all was said and done (food, bar, taxes/service charge, etc).

    Also if you like the view/outdoor aspect we ended up picking the Las Vegas Country Club and were very happy with it.  Happy to answer any questions on it if you're interested.
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