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Day of Planner

Hi ladies. I am looking for recommendations for a day of planner. I'd love your suggestions. 

Thank you! 

Re: Day of Planner

  • I was never able to find a "day of" person, but I had a wonderful "month of" named Yadi Rose, I think her business is "Events by Yadi Rose". We had unlimited phone calls all year.  At month of and day of, she took over EVERYTHING!  She met with us in my apartment, a good hour drive from her office, took and delivered all the welcome baskets, arranged for 2 flower trials, attended final gown fittings, and on and on and on.  There were rumors of some serious issues on day of, but my daughter and I never knew what they were, still don't really. Beyond worth the money and worth her weight in gold and diamonds.  She is a force of nature.
  • Thank you so much Lauderdale Pink for your reply. I'll look into her service!
  • I have worked with Elizabeth Stinson a few times and she was wonderful. Same concept as above, assisted with everything and kept any "fires" under wraps without the brides finding out a thing. I highly recommend her. "Stinson Events" is the name.
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