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Options bridesmaid dresses??

Has anyone bought anything off of 

I'm looking at possibly having my bridesmaids order their dresses from their since the prices are really reasonable, and they can have the same colour in a different dress if need be.

The reviews all sound great! Has anyone had a bad experience? Or any good experiences as well? My issue is they use really tall slim girls, and my bridesmaids 5'3, 5'4, 5'6 and 5'9, and they don't have the option for people who have purchased dresses to post pics (ie: like modcloth does).

Re: bridesmaid dresses??

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    It sounds like a ripoff site to me.  I actually just discouraged my cousin (I am the MOH) from getting bridesmaid dresses from there because of this return policy.  "Please understand that items that do not fit properly but in accordance with the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or exchanged."

    I will never order from anyone with a return policy like that.  I have measured myself and ordered clothing based on brand sizing charts, and still had to return stuff because it didn't fit right.  When ordering online, you have to be able to return stuff because there's no way to know for sure how it will fit.

    Also, they say they make stuff to your exact sizing.  So what if JJshouse puts down that you are a 40-30-40.  That's what all their paperwork stuff says, but the seamstress accidentally cuts wrong or whatever and makes it a 40-25-40 or whatever.  The paperwork says they made it to your specs, so they won't accept the return.  Because they make stuff to your exact sizing, so they say, there's no way to know if they messed up and just won't admit it.  Or they may think they were perfectly fine, and you just ordered the wrong size, and won't accept it returned.

    So sketchy!  I would not trust that site.
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    Very disappointing quality. I would not recommend,
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    Glad I read this!!!  :)
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