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What have I missed?

I have been active on and off for the past months, with med school and all. FI is fully moved in and doing amazingly well in his new job even if its an hr long drive each way. I have been doing great in Med School too. 

Wedding planning is fairly on track. The only thing we have left to figure out is flowers and decoration with our coordinator. 

We are about to put the deposit down for the HM and linen rentals.

The "Love Story" session and cake tasting are scheduled. 

And I have been contacting MUA for quotes. I have also been checking out BM dresses and consulting a seamstress to see which option will be cheaper for the girls, but we should be good because they are all on the same track budget wise for now. 

My MOH's pregnancy is going well and my little godson is soon to arrive (end of Jan but still).

And finally my mom offered to pay for the invitations so we will be ordering them in January. 

What have I missed around here the past few months? How is everyone doing? How is the married life/wedding planning going?

Re: What have I missed?

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    Hey Chica! How have you guys adjust to moving in together? Our planning has been going well. We took engagement pics last month and sent STDs outa couple of weeks ago. My dress is in, I'm going to go see it and try it on on Wednesday! A we have left is finalizing flowers, getting the officiant, and I guess the rest of the stuff can wait till closer to the wedding. I can't believe we are less than a year out now!

    My cousin/bridesmaid is also due in January! For the most part, things have been going well.


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    so exciting to be only a hundred and some days out! I can't believe it. 

    Moving in together has been great. It wasn't such a hard adjustment for us. Only thing I noticed is that I like taking care of him and such, which bothers me sometimes because I should be studying but I want to cook for him and stuff like that. 

    As far as nitpicking it hasn't been an issue. I sometimes get mad because I feel like I do more around the apt but he really does help a ton, not on a good timing, but he gets it done. 

    I will be looking forward to your dress experience! When I put mine on to buy the undergarments, I didn't want to take it off, I wanted to call Fi and tell him "lets go get married!" haha 

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    I can't imagine how busy you must be. My best friend is in med school and she never has free time to do anything fun, so I can't imagine planning a wedding on top of that! 
    hmmmm around here: a bunch of us got married this fall- me, lolo, smichek, steph, climbingbrideny, phira, kytchynwitche, kasmith, sarabridesoon (sarawifenow), tons of others that I can't think of right now. Couple people are pregnant- smiledamnit, jdluvr06, probably some others that slip my mind. 

    Me personally, doing good! Getting lots done on the house, prepping it for sale in spring, hopefully starting a family once we find a bigger house. 



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