June 2015 Weddings


My wedding is June 27, 2015
I ordered my dress middle of August 2014
I ordered it two sizes smaller
I have gained some weight since i ordered it
I have to have surgery in january which is gonna cause me to lose weight bc i cant eat for a few weeks
I am so worried that i will lose too much weight and my dress wont fit :(

i have seriously cried the last few days thinking bout this.


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    Don't cry. I'm getting married on the same day and I also ordered my dress in August. This means that your first fitting will most likely be in April. And hey, if the dress doesn't fit in April 2015 like it did in August 2014, that means that the alteration team will have to alter it to fit your body. 

    The only tears you should be crying are tears of joy. Everything will be fine.
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