December 2014 Weddings


It is finally our WEDDING MONTH! 

What things do y'all have left to do? Our wedding isn't until 12/27 so we have more time than those 12/6 brides :)


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    Haha! I'm getting married 12/6 but luckily finished all our escort cards and wedding programs over the weekend so all I have left to do is drop my dress and veil off to get steamed and then make sure all the groomsmen pick up their tuxes. 

    I will say, the final 2 weeks are the busiest!!
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    The final countdown has begun! I still have 3 weeks left, but there are so many little things to do (or finalize).

    By next weekend I have to send in my final numbers (and seating plan) to our venue. I also have to send in our music list for our DJ by some time this week. At some point this week we need to work on our vows because we are meeting with our officiant next week. Then there are the little decor things left.

    Oh yeh, and somewhere in there I also have to do ALL of my Christmas shopping... which I haven't even started. Getting married on December 28th sounded like a great idea until right about now. I'm just glad I did most of my DIY stuff during the summer.

    Good luck to my fellow December brides!
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    Good luck ladies and congratulations to those who already had their big day!! We have so many little things left but it will all get done this week.  I too still have to finish Christmas shopping, and due to some changes with my family, am switching who we do the holidays with (it is usually eve with mine and day with his) because of that I get to host Christmas Eve dinner!!! I am sure we will turn it into a help us finish up the escort cards night :)

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    I just had my wedding on 12/12 and it was a dream come true! I'll post pro pics when I get them. To those who haven't had their weddings yet, best of luck! I hope you all have beautiful weather and beautiful weddings!


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