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Doing your own bridal makeup

Any brides out there thinking of doing their own makeup, or that did do their own makeup? After 2 trials, I have discovered I am EXTREMELY picky and just don't feel comfortable with someone else doing my makeup. Thank goodness I did trials early-My wedding isn't until April 2015.
I wear powder/mineral foundation and bronzer daily, and am not too keen on using a liquid foundation, as I have sensitive skin (and I honestly don't have much experience with wearing a liquid foundation so I don't know where to even start). I am confident in doing my own makeup, but I guess my issue is I am reading everywhere that mineral or powder foundations photograph terribly. 
Is there any truth to this? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on products to use?

Re: Doing your own bridal makeup

  • The only golden rule I know of is to not use a foundation with SPF as it can cause a white cast on your face in photos :)

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  • OP, @lovegood90 is right, any type of powder or liquid foundation with SPF in it will make your face look whiter under flash photography. 

    I'm a makeup artist and can absolutely support your decision to do your own makeup for your big day! I've done my own makeup for plenty of special events, even before I was "professionally trained" at it. Since you have so much time, I would start by watching youtube or instagram videos on different application styles. Do some practice runs on days where you know you'll be busy all day, so you can test it's longevity through several hours of wear. Also, do it before you go out one night! See which application style makes you feel best, gets you the most compliments, etc. 

    For sensitive skin, I'm a big fan of Aveda's tinted moisturizer. It DOES have SPF in it, so you would have to finish with a powder to off-set that effect. Aveda products are all-natural, though, and this particular TM as a foundation has a nice, natural-looking finish that can be built upon with powder for more coverage, or worn as is for a dewey finish to the skin. 

    The best advice I can give is to practice, practice, practice. Doing wedding day makeup is like painting a canvas, to be honest. Practicing applying it helps the final work of art to be a masterpiece. When I do brides, I just get in my zone and treat their face like a blank canvas and go to work. I do the same for myself when I have a big event to attend. It's just like painting :) Feel free to PM if you want any more tips that the board would prefer I not clutter it up with lol
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    I'm doing my own wedding day makeup, too. I know my face better than anyone else, so I can't imagine having someone do it for me. 

    Hair, though? Someone else can deal with that wild shit.

    ETA: I did my own makeup for my first wedding, too, and aside from tragically overplucked eyebrows, it turned out really nicely. 
  • Also, I forgot to add: THEE absolute most important for anyone to do in the time leading up to their big day is to take care of your skin. My skin used to be TERRIBLE, and all I could do was cover it under pounds of makeup, which was just a very vicious never-ending cycle of ugly skin that I was embarrassed by. I got some suggestions by the estheticians that I work with on a skincare regimen, forced myself into a twice-a-day habit, and also forced myself not to wear anything but eyeliner, mascara, and a little concealer until my face started to clear up. I haven't worn any type of foundation in almost 2 years because of it. 

    If you're doing your own makeup and you aren't comfortable with wearing/applying a lot of makeup for that flawless look, then start a really good skin care regimen now and you won't need much coverage on the day of. Again, I can always give good recommendations, although my product knowledge is primarily Aveda because that's what I work with and it's a really fantastic brand as long as you don't have plant-based allergies (because everything is organic and plant-based)
  • I did my own make-up for both my bridal portraits and the wedding. For that matter, I do my own make-up every time I'm having professional pictures made. I've never had it photograph badly. Maybe my photogs were just super talented?
  • I'm doing mine and I'm not worried about it. I'll take some practice photos with my current products and if I don't like it or it doesn't wear well when I go out, I'll switch to something else. No big deal.

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  • Thanks so much for all your replies! I am definitely feeling more confident in my decision after hearing many of you are doing the same. Thanks for all the advice ladies!
  • I'm doing my own. I don't wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis and worry about not looking like myself on my day. And I'm a natural redhead and I worry that someone else may have a certain oh redheads cant wear this colour, or even the opposite of 'oh you can totally pull off this, its just a myth that redheads cant wear...'

    Basically being kinda of a mutant (Red, not orange hair and skin that actually tans) I don't trust anyone but myself on my wedding day.

    I plan on practicing a lot ahead of time. Start getting dolled up now and then to practice taking the natural makeup to the next level.

    Im taking better care of my skin now too. Actually washing my face and removing my makeup before bed.

    And watching tutorials and experimenting with different makeup brands!

    Good Luck!
  • Thank you @SoontobeMrsKlein! Good luck to you too! 
    I am taking good care of my skin too-I've already seen a big change! I'll have to start watching tutorials and playing around with different things!
  • I am doing all my own hair and makeup! I have the same thing... I'm way too picky and I looked really trashy and overdone each time I did a trial! What I AM doing, however, is asking the artists advice and using their expertise to find great products. Then, I'm buying the products I like (foundations, mascaras, whatever) to use specially for my wedding day. So basically, I'm creating my own wedding day look that looks more professional than what I usually do but I don't have to give up total control!
  • I'm also doing my own makeup after a terrible trial :) I have nothing to add except that Lisa Eldridge has some great tutorials for "not too made up" looks on youtube.
  • Great idea! I'll have to ask around for product recommendations. I asked my photographer about it, and he said he has never had an issue as far as makeup not photographing well-but then again, we are in Colorado so nearly everyone has their photos taken outside (which we plan on our photos being outside as well, so I'm sure the makeup stuff will hardly matter in natural light!)

    I'll have to look up those video tutorials too!

    Thanks so much ladies! 
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    I did my own makeup and the pictures still came out great. I used bare minerals liquid foundation then bare minerals complexion correction to go kit. I too was not happy with the quality of airbrush makeup by a professional and the cost of it.    
  • I'm not too familiar with using liquid foundation, so that's what is causing hesitation for me. I use W3LL people mineral powder foundation, similar to bare minerals-which is what i am hearing doesn't photograph well. I guess I'll have to start toying with different brands and taking lots of test pictures!
  • For my first wedding I did my own makeup too, it was a destination wedding and there was no way I was letting someone I didn't know near my face.  I'm undecided about what I am going to do this time around.  What I did was go to different makeup counters and get my makeup done.  When I found what I liked I bought it and re-created the look myself.  It turned out great in all of our photos. 




  • It's a wedding not a theater production.  I think wedding parties that have their makeup done look strange. Be yourself, look like yourself!
  • Im doing my own make up, ive been researching products that'll hold up all day on my oily skin and that will photograph nicely. search bridal make up on youtube, there are a lot of really helpful videos 

    that one is long, but it gives a lot of good tips
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  • For what it's worth, I used bare minerals on my wedding day and the pictures turned out great. I used the matte foundation because I was getting married in august and wanted to avoid shine.
  • This has been my biggest debate for my wedding.  I have sensitive acne prone skin and mostly the acne is caused by the wrong products.  I keep hearing that spf is bad for pics too and can cause flashback and make your face look white/lighter than your body.  I am testing out the new Loreal pro matte liquid right now.  I need something to last on me all day without separating.  I usually wear powder foundation.  See if you can get someone with a good camera to take pics of you with flash to see if it is ok.
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