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Bridal Shower Theme - Opinions?

Hi I'm the matron of honor in my friend's wedding next October! I'm planning her bridal shower in August. I've already booked a great venue in the water. Her wedding colors are Dallas Cowboys colors as she and her fiancé are both huge Cowboys fans. Originally I was planning a Chanel themed bridal shower since she likes Chanel too but now I'm rethinking that and considering a Cowboys theme. This may be a stupid question but Would it be weird to do a Cowboys theme for her bridal shower in August?

Re: Bridal Shower Theme - Opinions?

  • Hi! Your plan sounds great and my vote is to stick with the Chanel theme. That way, the bridal shower is more personal and about her. Maybe you could incorporate the navy and silver colors somehow? If you stick with football I think it's fine to do it in "pre-season", gearing up to the wedding, lol.
  • Thanks so much for your reply! I talked to her fiancé and I'm going to do the Cowboys! I actually found so many great things to use for the shower and am really excited about it. Her fiancé and I agree she would love either one and I think if she had to pick she would say she loves the Cowboys more so that's what I'm going with!
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