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NY NJ Videographer - Amateur?

I want to have a few special parts of the wedding video taped but I do not want to spend a large amount of money. I also do not need full day. I have seen some people using film students or people trying to become professional and build their portfolio. How have you found these people?
Thanks so much for your help!

Re: NY NJ Videographer - Amateur?

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  • Thank you so much!
  • Hi Ladeda,
    Contact my beloved weddings.  they do cheaper video  productions with their interns - I think they charge about $400 for the ceremony and one hour of the reception (entry, first dance, mock cake eating just for camera).  Call Linda at 347 964 6407
  • Hello Ladeda,

    Honest Vision is an up and coming video company started by an associate of mine. They did an amazing job for a wedding I went to back in September. Recently I hired them to film my cousins baptism. Like you said they are trying to build their portfolio, so I'm sure they would love to work with you.

    While their website is not up and running yet, their facebook page just went up.

    Call Eric for more details - 347-256-0311


  • Thanks Sli...I reached out to them..

    @esther morales  do you have a website for my beloved??
  • Hi Ladeda, 

    You can check out they are an up and comming company. Their prices are really good. You should give them a call or email them if you need more info. 

    Here is their Facebook page

    His name is Luis - 347-461-2092

  • Although I didn't ask this question, I am benefiting from the answers given on here!!! I am bookmarking this question to use later!!! (so excited!!)

     ~ K

  • I wound up using Tom Harmon as my photographer - MIND BLOWING PHOTOS!!!!! he is a little more expensive but I have been blow away by the few teasers shown and he was great to work with.

    My videographer was great pricing and awesome to work with. I have not seen the final products yet but I will let you know. he is LVL 13 - Christopher Antice. I have nothing but great things to say about working with  him. he gives all raw footage. a 45 minute video of it and a 3-5 min cinematic movie of it.  He was really creative and i trust its going to be great. 
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