Deciding between two chocolate favors

Hi! I'd appreciate some input on which reception favor you favor! We are deciding between two boxed chocolate options that fit in with our understated "champagne" theme.

The first option is a 3-piece box of champagne chocolate truffles from Charbonnel et Walker. The presentation is very nice and fits well with our theme -- stating on the box lid that they are champagne truffles, and handily matching our wedding colors (gold, blush pink (with navy)). The samples tasted good, but not amazing. They are about $8 per piece: http://www.charbonnel.co.uk/products/dinner-parties-weddings/mini-pink-truffle-hearts.html

The second option is a 2-piece box of champagne truffles shaped as little champagne corks from Jacques Torres. The presentation is beautiful but does not match our colors (the boxes are brown and orange) and the box does not indicate that they are champagne flavored. Obviously, the shape (ands flavor) matches the champagne theme, but I have some concerns that the shapes are not immediately recognizable as corks. They look a bit like mushrooms and, errr, something else perhaps. Yet, they are delicious. They are about $5 per piece. The following links shows the 10-pack -- ours would be two pieces in a small box: http://www.mrchocolate.com/most-popular/champagne-truffles-10pc.html?___SID=U

My fiancé thinks I am spending way too much time debating these finer points and to go with what tastes best - to me, the theme is more important to carry through. What do you think? Which would you go with?

Re: Deciding between two chocolate favors

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    What tastes better is always my go to option. Since the ones that taste better are quite a bit cheaper could you just buy different boxes to put them in that match your colors?
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  • I'd go with the one that tastes better 
  • Favors are a thank you to your guests - take your love of your "theme" out of the equation.  When someone gives me food, I'm probably not going to say "Gee, these taste like crap but are so thematically appropriate that it doesn't matter!"  If you give me food, I want that food to taste good.  I'm going to throw the packaging away and forget what it looks like, but may very well have the memory of eating something either so-so or fantastic lingering in my head for a lot longer.
  • I would definitely go with whatever tastes best, and in my opinion anything Jaques Torres is amazing!  And if the theme really does matter that much why not try to find boxes that match better, or maybe a little tag or ribbon that can say champagne truffles on them?
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    Personally, I would never pay $3 more/piece for inferior chocolate because of box colors. 

    Buy your own boxes (CLICKY for an example). Put a blush or navy ribbon on them and make your own sticker labels (CLICKY) to indicate they're champagne chocolates if you want. You could even just use regular address labels and put it on the inside of the box lid so it's not visible on the outside, but gets the message across.

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    Go with what tastes good. Simple
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  • Thanks everyone! I really value your time and input :)
  • Go with the one that tastes better and stop by a craft store get some inexpensive blush colored cardstock and make your own labels. And you can put any message you want on it.
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