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Bridal Party Gifts

I'm searching for gifts for my bridal party and am at a loss.  Does anyone have any good ideas?  What are you all getting your party?


Re: Bridal Party Gifts

  • I am doing the jewlery I want them to wear.
  • starfish411 that's not a gift. That's part of their "wardrobe" for your wedding. If you want them in all matchty matchy then you're supposed to buy that for them. I suggest you get something to supplement that, which would be the real gift.

    For example, I'm getting my girls hair combs to use for the day of. Whats the likelihood they will actually use it again, or often? Small percentage. The hair comb is part of their dress, it's not a gift at all.

    OP, shop as if its Christmas or their birthday. I got different decorative boxes from Michael's from when they were on sale and I'm filling them with their beverage of choice (wine for my BMs and a bottle of Jack for my MOH) and then a small coach wristlet for 3 of the girls, a wallet for one of them and a kate spade necklace (from the mrs. line) for my MOH. I also added a frame I picked out with their tastes in mind and I will write a note in the frame, and when we get the photos back from our photographer I'm going to give them a photo (whether or not they want to put it in the frame is up to them).

    The wedding industry makes us think that we all have to get matching, personalized/engraved, items that the BP will use on the day of. That's not a real gift. Get them something that is what they want, not something to wear or use the day of.

    I have earrings, a personalized robe with what will be my old initials, a bracelet and a necklace that was given to me for all different weddings I was in and was supposed to wear the day of that I will never wear again. Come to think of it, I can't find one of the earrings and I haven't seen the necklace in quite some time. The girls' should have saved their money; you can't see what earrings I'm wearing in any of the pictures nor does it matter in the long run.


  • KellyS01starfish411 

    This is under Bridal Party 101. Click HERE for the whole 101 info. 
    "What should I give them for their BM gifts? 
    Shop for each of your BMs individually, as if it were her birthday. Get something that's tailored to her own individual interests or hobbies, but try to spend roughly the same amount on each person. Giving them something that's meant to be worn for the wedding is not a gift. "

    I suggest lurking on other boards as well. A lot of the ladies who have been thru it all give exceptional advise. Too many of the weddings I've been in should have lurked on these boards prior to their wedding.


  • I've always received jewelry to wear for the wedding as a bridesmaid and that's what I'm giving.
  • I feel like I'm talking to a wall.


  • @missdooley10 ....and did you ever wear it again? Buying your BMs something you are requiring them to wear is not a gift.

    FWIW, I'm giving my girls all different things. One BM has always mentioned she would love a spa day - gift card to a spa. Another BM I have known for 20 years and we rode horses together so I am buying her a leather halter with engraved nameplate for her new horse. Another BM loves makeup so I am getting her a gift card to Mac. I'm not buying any girl any item that is part of our wedding - this is a THANK YOU to them... not an extension of wedding requirements.
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  • I plan to get them all a wine glass with their name on it (we are doing a winery day together) and then something else they would each like. These are my favorite people, I want to get them something they will actually enjoy! 

    @dolewhipper the decorative box idea is cute!
  • jaygeejay ! I'm a horrible gift wrapper and figured these cost the same as a gift bag with tissue paper. Plus, they can use them again if they wish.


  • The decorative boxes are such a good idea!! If my girls weren't OOT I would totally be stealing that one. I considered the monogrammed bags for about half a second before ditching that one in favor of gift bags/tissue paper.
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  • tcnoble said:
    The decorative boxes are such a good idea!! If my girls weren't OOT I would totally be stealing that one. I considered the monogrammed bags for about half a second before ditching that one in favor of gift bags/tissue paper.
    I'm so glad you did! I had one with my initials on it that now will be of no use to me when I change my last name, and even still, I bet even my sister doesn't know I don't like monogrammed stuff. I hate how people in public can just call you by your name like they know you. It's not like I broadcast that fact, so you wouldn't know until something monogrammed was given to me.


  • Thanks, ladies!  I was kind of leaning toward the individual gifts, but wasn't sure. 
  • I just had another bridesmaid dropout of the wedding.

  • I just had another bridesmaid dropout of the wedding.

    Its tough. One of Fi GM had to drop out recently because his band is going to get signed and their manager wants them to play at south by southwest, which is the same weekend. I saw the crushed look on my Fi face, even though the guy said he will try and still be there, he just can't commit. My heart goes out to you <3

    In the end, you will have your husband and you will soon be an OMH :)


  • What is OMH mean?

  • OMG = Old Married Hag :)
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