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flat vase rustic centerpiece ideas

Hi, i found 17 wooden vases on a thrift store that i would like to use as a centerpiece on my wedding. Our theme is kinda rustic/backyard wedding. I like the wooden element the vases give but i just don't know how to make it more interesting. They are kinda flat vases and tables are round. I attached a photo of the vase, i will be using the shorter one. Thanks for all the help!

Re: flat vase rustic centerpiece ideas

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    You could put a little sign of some sort on there:
    Or maybe you could distress the wood somehow so they look less new? 
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    How invested are you in these vases? Truly.
    Because 100% honestly, I'm pretty good at the whole repurposing painting distressing transforming thing, but I don't see how these will work as rustic.

    And I'm not being mean, but the whole shape of the containers, the silhouette, is completely the opposite of rustic. It's more of a moderne mid century cartoon vase shape. Early Dr. Seuss, Jetsons, that era. 
    No amount of distressing or painting can change the shape.  They're wood, but nothing natural or rustic. If you do something "rustic looking" to these, they won't look rustic. They will look confused.

    I really think if you want a rustic look, you need to start fresh.  Different containers altogether. 
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