Venue Just Cancelled - 03/24/12

I was going to have my wedding at the Acadian Ballroom in Portland, OR on March 24, 2012 and they just NOW (today!) called me to tell me that their lease expired and I can no longer have my wedding there. Does anybody know of any indoor places in the Portland area that are fairly cheap but would be a good place to look at? Unconventional venues accepted, as they may not be as booked! Thanks. I am like freaking out!!!!!!!

Re: Venue Just Cancelled - 03/24/12

  • Oh my gosh, what a nightmare!  I didn't know venues could even do that!  I was just at a wedding there on Sunday...

    I was looking at the Mountain Park Hawthorn room in Lake Oswego, $1200 for a Saturday, includes tables, chairs, dance floor, grand piano, fire place, catering kitchen, balcony, heaters on balcony (I think).  It was too small for us to have a ceremony and reception set up in the room without have to flip it, but could be worth looking into.  http://www.mtparkhoa.com/hawthornrm.html

    I've also seen people recommend the Troutdale House for an affordable venue http://www.thetroutdalehouse.com/. Also try Columbia Edgewater Country Club, ballroom rental is only $600, and that might include the ceremony and reception https://www.cecc.com/default.aspx

    Since you have such a short time to find a place, if anyone has a vacancy they might give you a sweet deal to fill that day!

    Good luck!  Let us know what works out for you!
  • Oh, man!! How many guests? Secret Society rents out their ballroom. There's the Northstar Ballroom, which is pretty cute and sort of tucked away near Mississippi/Killingsworth. Not sure about the Arista Ballroom, parking would be a bear but could be cool. Some friends had their wedding at the Colwood Golf Club and I know it was quite inexpensive- it wasn't super fancy, but it was very spacious and had lots of big windows (not really shown to best effect as the reception started after 6pm in November & it was pitch black & pouring!).

    Good luck!!
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  • Well, the same people own the Acadian Ballroom & the Arista Ballroom, so they are giving us a very sweet deal there. Thank you ladies for all of the suggestions! I am so relieved everything worked out, God is good.

  • Oh wow!  Talk about stress!  How about any of the McMenamins?  We've been to a wedding at North Star....not my favorite, but it was ok in a pinch. 
  • I would say McMenamins for sure!  I booked another venue already, but talking to a friend getting married there I am jealous.  It's a great deal, and you are just working with one person- not like me who is trying to deal with the venue, rental company, and a caterer.  I would check them out!  Sorry about that nightmare, I would be so stressed!!
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    There are a couple places in Vancouver @ Fort Vancouver, here's the link http://www.fortvan.org/index.php/Event-Rental-Facilities/fort-vancouver-facility-rental-spaces.html. My friend's daughter was married here and it was lovely.  I think their only restriction was no red wine/red food.  There rates are very reasonable.  Best of luck to you!
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