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Music question!

Hi ladies!

What songs did you or will you use for:

First Dance
Father Daughter
Mother Son

We are getting married in Jamaica so I thinking something reggae but he proposed on stage at the Chrisette Michelle concert right before she sang "A Couple of Forevers" so I think that's gotta stick lol still stuck on the other ones though!  

Re: Music question!

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    I love that Chrisette Michelle song.  How romantic that you were proposed to with that song.  :-)

    The only song we've discussed for a first dance is Share My Life by Kem. Sadly my Dad passed away last year so I don't know what to do yet about the Father/Daughter dance.  I am thinking to maybe dance with my son or my Uncle.  No clue yet on the Mother/Son dance.

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    for our wedding the only traditional slow dance (everything else was a fast dance mix) song we used was for the mother son..
    how sweet it is to be loved by you 
    but what about a song for momma-boys II men 

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    It was very cool! I love her and love that song!! So sorry to hear about your Dad but I do like the idea of a dance with your son. That would be so sweet.
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    i don't remember which songs we did ( i was THAT bride). but do you know how BAD i wanted to walk or first dance to lauren hill/bob marley turn your lights down low. OMG!!!

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     We just decided on Forever By R.Kelly. The lyrics really hit home for us!

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