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Surprise wedding?

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Re: Surprise wedding?

  • I think you answered your own question on how to do it... Sounds like you've got all of the big stuff covered. I love the idea especially since everyone you care about will be there. It sounds so exciting! My coworker had a surprise wedding and said it surpassed any preconceived ideas she had for a planned one. My only advice would say to act fast and really think it through so you have no regrets. Good luck and congrats!
  • We went to a surprise wedding a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING! My girlfriend bought a dress off the rack, had cupcakes instead of a cake, had a friend get ordained online to officiate (anyone can do it in just a few minutes!), and had simple food like hot dogs, tacos, etc (but it seems like you are set for food). They did not have DJ because it was a backyard wedding and could not play loud music past a certain hour. As you mentioned, they had an intimate wedding with just the people they wanted there. It was really incredible.

    My favorite part was they had a sign by the front door that said SURPRISE etc. and had their photographer capture everyone's reactions (see attached photo). Finding a photographer may be your biggest issue at this point, but since it is a slower time of year, you might be in luck.
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