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WE MADE IT!!!! What's everyone up to this weekend?

I'm having my last lazy weekend of the year. Right after work, I'm going to the gym, and then FI and I will go get a Christmas tree! We always get ours at Stew Leonards, so we'll probably pick up something good for dinner from there too. 

Other than that, we have absolutely nothing planned; just the way I like it!

I'm going to try REALLY hard to exercise and eat super healthy this weekend. I fell way off the wagon over Thanksgiving/last weekend, and have been working hard to get back on track all week. With all the parties and get-togethers I have coming up throughout the next few weeks, I really to need make sure I do the best I can on days that I don't have any celebrations to go to. I think my wedding dress was about half a size too small in the waist when I bought it, and I'm really hoping that when I try it on when I'm home for Xmas, it fits comfortably!!

Also, I'll probably do some online Xmas shopping this weekend. I'm actually almost done already, and just need one more thing for FI, a couple of small things for my two sisters, and something for my mom and stepdad.
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  • what is Stew Leonards, @Hummingbird125?

    it's busy from here on out for me.  today we're going to purchase the last our of Christmas gifts, and then I have to buckle down and study, study, study.  we going to a Christmas POPS! show Saturday night, so that will be a really nice break from studying.  my test is Monday, so just a few more days left!!

    I picked up a cappuccino at Starbucks this morning, and they gave me a free PSL, too.  I'm trying to find someone to give it to at work, but nobody is here yet!
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    You beat me, @hummingbird125! I typed my own Friday thread and I'm glad I checked before posting :) 


    Tonight, I'll cook dinner and probably go to bed reasonably early. I'm tired! H and I went to dinner and a movie in the city last night and got home very late. 

    Tomorrow morning, H and I are going to look at five houses!!! I'm super excited. There's one that I like a lot but I'm not sure if the yard is going to work for us. And the house we looked at the other night is still sticking out in my mind. H and I talked about it last night and we actually both really, really love it. So we'll see what happens! 

    After house-hunting, we're driving down to my parent's house to see the kitters! My parents are away in DE visiting my grandmom who had surgery yesterday (she's doing great!) so I'm going to head down to check on the babies who my mom is very concerned about while she's away lol 

    Sunday, we'll head home pretty early so H is back in time for the Dolphins game and then the Eagles play at 4:30. 

    It's going to be a great weekend! 

  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    @CocoBellaF - THIS is Stew Leonard's. It's a supermarket that kinda feels like a hybrid of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. The best/worst part is that the store is set up in a way that you pretty much have to walk through the entire store, so you end up walking past lots of things that look delicious. Oh - and they always have samples of really tasty things. My favorite things from there are their french toast bagels, their store brand mint chocolate chip ice cream, and their five layer dip. They also have a ton of prepared food, lots of seafood, and lots of fancy meats. Oh - and they have a whole wine shop that's attached, too! I <3 Stew Leonard's, but it's about a 12 minute drive from us, so we don't go there for regular food shopping.
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  • I'm so happy to see Friday. I have a lazy weekend planned and I'm so excited about it. This morning my son grabbed my nail polish remover off the counter while I was brushing my teeth and the top wasnt all the way on. It spilled into his eyes. It was so scary. I called poison control and everything. He was hollering, but we just had to flush them with lots of water. Wayyyyy too much excitement for 6 am. 
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @hummingbird125 - Have fun picking out your Christmas tree! Can't wait to see it all decorated! Wild was good, by the way. Reese was phenomenal. It was a little slow at times, but I felt that way about the book too. There were actually a LOT of funny parts in it that I was surprised by. And I cried. 

  • Yay weekend

    @swazzle I'm glad you liked the house last night and have some other options to see as well.  Are they in the same area as the other house?

    Tonight I have no rehearsal for the first time all week.  I need to do some cleaning around the house, and spend some time working on lines as well.  My other show Xmas carol opens next Friday.  Tomorrow we have our friend's daughter's first birthday.  Other than that no other plans although H bought shelving for the garage and wants to organize it this weekend.

    Sunday I have no plans other than rehearsal on Sunday night.  I also want to try to get some shopping done online this weekend. Ugh I need to get out Christmas cards too.  There aren't enough hours in the day right now. 


  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    Tonight - I just want to go home and crash.  I'm just tired and burnt out.  I don't want to be at work right now.  I have a scheduled work task at 7pm though that I can do at home.  I'm just tired and annoyed that my manager continues to use the 'I assign this stuff to you because I know I can count on you' - if you can't count on my other team mate, why the hell did you hire her??  Sorry for my whining, I'm just overly frustrated and tired and just need a vacation.  H is playing poker tonight, so I'll probably just do my work and catch up on my TV the rest of the night.

    Tomorrow - No plans.  Probably will go grocery shopping.

    Sunday - Not sure how it's going to work.  H will probably watch football and we have a play in the evening, so I don't want to leave the dogs TOO long.  The play is White Christmas.

  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
    1000 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary First Answer

    @Hummingbird125 - Yay for Christmas tree! I don't have space for one in my apartment, but luckily the office Christmas tree is right across from my desk. I think FI and I are going to buy an artificial one after Christmas when they go on sale.

    @Swazzle - Good luck with house hunting! I wan to see Wild, glad to hear it's good.

    @lifeisajourney - YIKES, I'm glad your son is okay! Not the way you want to start a Friday :(

    My weekend is sounding alright so far. FI and I were going to go to the movies tonight, but I woke up with a cold and am feeling sort of awful so I nixed that idea. Snuggles on the couch sounds like a MUCH better plan!

    Tomorrow I'm participating in a fundraiser at my grandpa's church. They're doing a reading of A Christmas Carol, and my grandpa asked me to be one of the readers. So I have to head over there midday for a run through, and then the actual reading runs from 3 - 5. I've been to the same thing at other churches, and it's pretty cool, they break the story up into 5 parts (obviously not the WHOLE story, that would take ages) and have music in between and stuff. And then I think my family is going out for dinner afterwards.

    Sunday will be church, nap, Christmas cards, church.

    For now I have a bunch of email to answer and want to put up the Christmas lights in my office. If I'm not feeling better by lunch time I think I'm going to go home, I'm already feeling worse than when I woke up :(



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  • @lmcooper86 - hope you feel better!  it's not fun being sick-ish around the holidays.
  • @TwoDimes - it's a Broadway-style Christmas show, part of a series called POPS!  and you reminded me I have a giftcard to Cheesecake Factory... might have to use that up tonight! 
    [Deleted User]
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    edited December 2014
    Blargh. Normally I'd be happy about Friday but my TOTM showed up with a vengeance. My weekend plans are all up in the air now because I can't move.

    Tonight if I'm able, we have gaming. Otherwise I'll be at home. Either way I'm knitting.

    Tomorrow if I'm able, we have gaming again. Otherwise I'll be at home. Either way I'm knitting.

    Sunday if I'm able, we have gaming again (FI knows he's getting a lucky break from me on this - I hate it when he games this much, especially since they're social command performances for me). Otherwise I'll be at home. Either way I'm knitting and watching football.

    I will finish the Christmas set from hell tonight or tomorrow - I have the top and thumb of a mitten, plus all the ends on everything, sewing the ends of the scarf shut, and sewing the brim of the hat under. Then I can make my mom's scarf since she picked new yarn. I'd be more open to gaming, but we go to one of our friend's houses, and he's a committed bachelor, living with two other committed bachelors, none of whom have women in their lives. No garbage can in the bathroom = no way to be discreet. Blargh blargh blargh.

    ETA: Darnit I meant to comment on everyone else's weekends.

    @hummingbird125, have fun trimming the tree!

    @cocobellaf, have fun at the show!

    @swazzle, full day of house-hunting!

    @lifeisajourney, ouch! I'm glad your son is ok.

    @dignity100, have fun at White Christmas!

    @lmcooper86, feel better soon!

    @twodimes, have fun at the light show!
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @peaseblossom55 - The house from the other night and 4 that we're looking at tomorrow are all in Woodbridge. The 5th is in Colonia. 

    @Dignity100 - Maybe the next time your boss tries to add something to your plate, you could say something like "I'm pretty swamped right now with x, y, z but I'm sure Jane could handle it." That's super frustrating though. It's kind of bittersweet, isn't it? It's great that you're so obviously valued and good at your job but damn! Give a girl a break!

    @lmcooper86 - Thanks! 

    @TwoDimes - Thank you! Have fun at the light show! I love driving around and seeing all the Christmas lights/decorations that people put up so I bet that'll be really nice!

  • @swazzle very nice! I grew up in Edison, it's nice around there.  Good luck!!


  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    @lmcooper86 I hope you feel better soon! There are only 4 of us in the office today because everyone is sick, and one of those 4 is leaving after lunch because they feel sick too. Eeeek! I hope you feel better ASAP so you can fully enjoy participating in the Christmas Carol reading.

    @Swazzle YAY for house hunting! I can't wait to hear all about it, and I'm glad there's one you already love. <3

    @CocoBellaF Crossing all appendages for you for Monday's test!

    @peaseblossom55 Holy moly, woman! The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol? You rock! Hope you're able to find some time to relax!

    @Dignity100 Aren't you guys planning a vacation next month? Sounds like you really do need a vacation soon. :( I'm sorry work is so stressful right now.

    @TwoDimes I'm itching to start a Christmas puzzle. I'm waiting until next week, but I swear the puzzle is calling to me. You should take a pic once you guys finish!

    @KeptInStitches I'm sending all knitting vibes to you this weekend! 

    @southernpeach89 Happy TK Anniversary!

    This weekend will be busy but fun for me. I'm leaving work a little early today to have a CT scan on my sinuses, and then tonight I'm picking my older brother up from the airport. We have different mothers and grew up in different states, and he's never come to visit me as an adult. I'm really looking forward to it. My mom is really excited to see him too. She just looooooves him and has a hard time believing he's not 3 years old anymore. 

    Tomorrow FI may go see his grandfather, depending on if they want visitors or not. My brother and I are going to go shopping for our niece and nephews (and I need to pick up some things for my mom and return a couple of things I bought for myself), and then that night we're meeting my mom's side of the family for dinner. They haven't seen him since he was 7ish, and he's now 33, so it should be a fun reunion for everyone. 

    No plans for Sunday other than the normal weekly chores. I have to drop my brother off at the airport Sunday evening, and then afterwards I'm sure FI and I will clean up a bit and watch Downton Abbey (we're almost done with the first season). I may break into my Christmas puzzle then too.

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  • @eilis1228 no nutcracker! I wish, just A Christmas Carol this month and then the other show next month.  I can hardly keep track myself...


  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
    5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    @southernpeach89 and @Hummingbird125 Have fun getting your Christmas trees!!!

    @Swazzle Good luck looking for houses! I hope this weekend goes well. Also, yay for seeing your babies!

    I'm late joining in today so forgive me for not catching up on everyone else yet! I just took Cinders to the vet for yet another ear infection. This time it's both a bacterial and yeast infection...good job dog! Luckily it's all fixable...just some squirts in her ear over the next few days of some medication. While I was waiting to see the vet a man came running in with his black lab. He was carrying her and you could see she had lacerations all over her and he said she was walking but only on three legs. They rushed him to the back and that was all I heard of it until I was leaving and the man was there with his wife this time. The vet came to them and said their dog had no broken pelvis or legs and her organs all seemed to be in good shape, mostly just lacerations. Apparently she had been hit by a car and there was blood all over the place. The man and woman were SO happy! You could tell they had been waiting and expecting the absolute worst news. They left the vet's office together and gave each other the biggest hug outside...it was so heart warming. I'm really glad their story ended so positively.

    Later today H and I have plans to go to the gym for the first time since the wedding. I have definitely put on some weight and seriously need to get back on track again. There are no excuses anymore for why even my fat girl jeans are tight.

    Tomorrow I might go help my mom pick out her Christmas tree. We would normally have a live tree at our house too but since we're travelling to Indiana to see H's family this year it seems silly to get one since we won't be able to enjoy it (and it might dry out over the week we're gone). That evening we have a Christmas party to attend at the house of a family friend. I love their parties! They have the best food and wine and they have a really elaborate karaoke set up in their basement for everyone to sing with. It's a lot of fun.

    Sunday we don't have plans. I'll try to take Cinders on a walk/run. I've committed to restarting my C210k program because I've been a huge bum lately. I seriously need to go grocery shopping at some point today too.

    [Deleted User]Swazzle
  • @LaPeanut1018 -I just cried! That story has such a happy ending but it's also so sad that the puppy was hit. 

  • phiraphira Bahstin member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    It's Friiiiiday!

    I'm torn. I'm working on an experiment that has a few points where I can pause and restart the following day (or after a weekend). Here's what I'm debating between:

    - First two steps today, then come in Sunday evening and do an overnight step, and finish on Monday morning


    - First two steps + overnight step, and finish tomorrow

    Problem? Tomorrow, I was planning on going shopping with a friend who's driving in from the boonies, and she's indicated that she needs to get going by 2:30pm. While we could shop around noon if we wanted to, that's not enough time for me to get into work and finish up unless I get into work by 9am. The chances of me motivating myself to wake up and get into work that early are not good. Whereas Sunday, I can do whatever all day and just head in during the late afternoon, or even after dinner, and I could even rent a Zipcar for an hour to do it, since the step takes 10 minutes.

    So we'll see.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • Holy awesome Christmas shopping, @Hummingbird125, I wish I was almost done too! Good for you! Good luck with being good on the food and exercise stuff, it is so challenging around the holidays.

    Good luck on your test, @CocoBellaF!

    @Swazzle, crossing my fingers for a successful house-hunting experience this weekend, although it sounds like you maybe already found The One. :) Have fun looking anyway; I think it's so fun to see different houses!

    @lifeisajourney, yikes, how scary! Glad your son is doing OK!

    @Dignity100, I have no idea how long you've had your siggy pic since I've been only on mobile for the past three weeks, but I LOVE IT. I'm sorry your manager is putting too much on your plate. It's nice to know they value you, but they also need to respect that you're ONE person and there is ANOTHER person they should rely on as well.

    @lmcooper86, I hope you feel better!

    @eilis1228, yay for seeing your brother; sounds like you guys are due for a good visit!

    Haaaaaapppppppppy Fridayyyyyyyyyyy! Oh my gosh. I am so glad this week is OVER. It has been exhausting and I am truly ready for bed. It's only 7 o'clock, but I can completely see myself turning out the light within the next hour (or less...). I've been trying to get used to my new 5 AM wake-up call every morning, and it's been rough. I'm sure I will adjust to the new schedule soon (definitely easier than nights), but until then I guess I'll just come home exhausted with a headache every day. =/

    Tomorrow I get to sleep in until 7:30, and then I'm hanging out with my friend A. I'm gonna meet him for coffee, and then we're going to DC for some museums and art and general culture. I know I'm going to be tired, but I'm so excited to get out and do something fun! I'm guessing that will be pretty much all of Saturday, but if I get home early enough, I might do some grocery shopping or order some Christmas gifts online for the family.

    Sunday, I will see if my brother wants to go see Mockingjay. We have been wanting to go for a few weeks but haven't had a day off together yet. Otherwise I'll probably put up the Christmas tree (totally forgot that was even a thing until today), go for a run if it finally stops raining (seriously, Maryland, if I wanted constant rain I'd move to England!), and just read and relax.

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Anniversary First Answer
    @CLoGreenEyes - Thanks - I just changed my siggy this week, so it's pretty new.

    I didn't get out of work until 9pm!  I got to work just before 7:30am and left at 9pm... when I got home I put in more time just to not have to work today (Saturday).  One of the other guys in my department needed something from me, so I kind of turned my team mate in for not helping me on critical issues, so she did get a critical issue dumped in her lap (but I did help because I'm too nice).

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