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Who wrote the rule book on what is right and what is wrong??? Like these women on TK and TheBump are just soooo rude... Im literally sick of these women and them telling you what you can and cant do with YOUR life... Who the hell are you to tell me how to handle or conduct my wedding.. If i wanted to tell everyone to bring me money instead of a gift then dangit im gonna do it and Who are you to tell me what to do or not to do for my baby.. The girl on TheBump was asking about advice for throwing her own baby shower. OMG whyyyy did these over-hormonal chicks tell her that throwing your own shower is o so tacky.. Like really who tells you what is and what isnt appropriate.. I threw my own bridal/wedding shower and i planned on throwing my own baby shower. Mind you i dont have sibling so i dont expect anyone to do it for me or even do it how i want it to be done... I just dont get it.. That just gilled my cheese (to say the least)

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    Easy tiger...; no worries .. its your day your way let me know who we need to go run up on ...
    image im ready lol

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  • There are some parts of these boards, that I have to admit I dont miss.  If I have baby number 2 I'm not sure I'll be joining the bump  :)

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  • Sophia1913 Girl idk why i let these non-factor type women get to me  maybe its my hormones but Lord really... they take etiquette above and beyond... And how have you and the family been anyway? Kisses to the baby..

    LeciaB Girl that is exactly how i was looking at my computer reading that foolishness lol lol

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  • Omg yeah they really do too much! I had to get me and my sensitive butt outta there cuz I went off on a few and I was like wait I'm grown and these big mouths online would probably be real quiet in person lol internet courage! But yall got me on the "it's your day, do what you want" thing and I like it! Those heffas be bored.
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