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Groom's First Look

I can't decide when to do the groom's first look...I know the tradition is for the groom to see you for the first time at the ceremony, but it's become a lot more common to do the first look before the ceremony. When weighing the pros and cons of both, I keep going back and forth. As for my fiancé, he doesn't have a preference and wants me to do it however I want. I would so appreciate to hear other brides' decisions on the first look and their opinions on why they chose to do it that way. Thanks in advance!!

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  • Thanks so much for the help!!
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    I love first looks bc...
    -I prefer seeing the reaction of the B&G in one photo. The groom will still be moved by the moment of you walking down the aisle, a first look won't change how he feels about you. He's not looking at the dress, he's excited to see you coming down the aisle to marry him - having seen you an hour before isn't going to change that emotion.
    -It will save a LOT of time. You can go to cocktail hour and enjoy the yummy appetizers! You can spend more time talking to your guests, freeing yourself up to party on the dance floor more after dinner.
    -You can have a comprehensive photo shoot with FI at multiple locations if you want.
    -If calms your nerves and gives you some special time alone on an otherwise busy day.
    -You can have the bridal party and family photos done just before the ceremony. Everyone can be there a little early and then your parents are free to greet the guests at cocktail hour and be good hosts.

    DH & I went and took photos together for about 2.5 hours, just relaxing and having fun.
    Then we reserved an hour for family photos. We did not have a wedding party, but have large families, so it was about the same as having a wedding party.

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  • I'm doing the "first look" because we're both walking down the aisle. My dress is great and I look amazing, so I want him to be able to really take a look. Since he's walking just ahead of me, he won't really be able to look until the whole ceremony is over.

    i'm all for the idea :)
  • I can't imagine squeezing photos in after the ceremony, so I think it's most practical to see each other before hand.  We however, didn't do a "first look".  We got ready together- he zipped my dress up and put on my bracelet.  I helped with his tie.  And it was good for us.  It didn't take away from anything.  Do what's right for you.
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