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I am going in next weekend to try wedding dresses. One of my BM's will be in Mexico. She's really upset she can't come. I told her that if possible I would take pictures of the dresses I try on (or at least the ones that I really like). She wants me to Skype her while I'm there, bring a tablet, a laptop or a phone. I said that I really just want to enjoy myself and the experience and that this would just feel like a chore. I told her that I would show her some pictures though. She then asked me to get one of the girls attending to do it. I said I really want them to enjoy themselves as well. It will be my mom, my grandma, my cousin(MOH) and my best friend. She kept on pestering me about it. Am I in the wrong for saying no? Because she is making me feel awful about it, but I feel as though she should be supportive, not being needy. 

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  • You're both assuming they'll even let you take pictures or show off dresses. A lot of shops will only let you take photos of the dress you buy / they're fairly certain you'll come back buy.

    This. I went to two stores and couldn't take any pictures until I bought my dress.

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    Is there a reason you can't postpone your shopping trip until she comes back and can join you? If there is, tell this BM that you're sorry but Skyping while shopping is not a possibility for you or your other WP members. Otherwise, I'd just reschedule your shopping trip for a day when she can join the rest of you.
  • Several of the bridal salons I went to would not allow pictures. The one where I did end up purchasing would not allow pictures, but did allow me to Skype with my best friend who lives several states away, but this was on a second visit to the salon when I was narrowing down between three dresses. It was doable but frustrating. I'm glad we didn't do it on my first trip to the salon. As already suggested, can you reschedule the shopping trip for a day when she can join you? Or if you're like me and always take some time to make big purchases, have her go back with you for a second visit to see the one or more favorites from the first trip.
  • puh-leez!  If she's going to be on vacation in Mexico, she's not going to know what time it is, let alone be near her computer to Skype with you.  Tell her you promise to take her to the fitting if you find THE dress on this trip.   She can see it then.
  • You're both assuming they'll even let you take pictures or show off dresses. A lot of shops will only let you take photos of the dress you buy / they're fairly certain you'll come back buy.
    This! none of the 3 places I went to allowed us to take photos or even have our phones out. She is SOL. I would use that as your excuse. 
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  • "Friend I am really sorry but skyping just won't be possible.  In fact I don't even know if I will be allowed to take pictures because I know some bridal salons don't allow that.  But when you get back from your trip I will tell you all about the dresses I tried on."

    This friend of yours needs to get the hell over the fact that she won't be at your dress appointment.  If it was so damn important to her to be there then she would cancel her trip not make you bend over backwards just to send her pictures of dresses or skype with her while she is on vacation.

  • If I were on vacation, the last thing I would care about is skyping in to watch you try on dresses. How weird.
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  • Postpone is for later on.

  • As other PP have said, most places won't let you take a pic until you say yes to the dress (dumb rule IMO) I skyped w my futre MIL bc I wanted her to feel part of the whole experience, even though she couldn't be there bc she's several states away. I called the shops in advance to make sure this was OK.

    You're the bride, if you don't want to skype w her then she needs to get over it. 

  • thanks ladies. I know most places won't allow this, I have talked to the shops and asked if i could so I can have it for reference if I decide to sleep on the decision. I won't change the date of my dress appt. I have had this appt for over a month and only found out a week before she left that she was going. I am getting married in April so I don't have much time. (we decided to move the date up)
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