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Wedding bands (rings)

With regards to wedding bands, does the bride-to-be buy her own ring and the groom-to-be buys his own ring?  The reason I ask is because I read somewhere where someone asked what they should engrave on their groom-to-be's ring. So... I'm not sure how that works.

side note:  thanks Knotties for answering so many of my questions as of late.  You can tell I'm in the thick of it and have no idea what's going on.  LOL!

Re: Wedding bands (rings)

  • It's up to you.  DH bought my ring while I was with him.    DH bought his own ring when I was at work one day.   We didn't get ours engraved, but people often do.  I wear my grandmother's wedding band it has their initials and wedding date.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • I bought his ring and he bought mine.
  • I bought both. My ring was part of an engagement ring was part of the estate jewelry section when we found it (he paid for e-ring). Several months later I happend to go into the same store to see if they would have anything I liked to go with the ring. I happen to find the perfect ring to compliment my e-ring, and it too was in the estate section. I was with my mom & sister at the time & they loved it too so I texted photo to FI and said great so I bought it. They wouldn't hold it for him to come up later & get it and I didn't want to risk losing it. When it came to his ring, we found the perfect ring and he didn't have the money at the time so I bought it. I didn't get my ring engraved because if it has to be resized (which it did after the wedding due to weight gain) it would mess up the engraving.
  • We just thought of it as a line item on wedding expenses. Nothing different to us than paying for the photographer. So we just split things to pay for and he ended up with rings (and other items). We did not get them engraved. 



  • We picked out our bands together and paid for them out of our joint wedding account. 
  • We went to the jeweler together to pick ours out and just paid using our joint account.

  • We picked them out together.  I paid for his and he paid for mine.  We still maintain a joint account and a separate account, but if you already completely joint accounts, it doesn't matter.  

    I had his band engraved with our wedding date and "Always and Forever" because it's our song and a good marriage sentiment.  It was a surprise.  He didn't see it until after our ceremony.
  • Just do what's right for you and don't worry about it. We shopped for ours together. His cost twice as much as mine (more metal for bigger fingers) and we simply split the total cost. 
    On the other hand (pun intended) my friend who's engaged knows that her wedding band was purchased at the same time as her engagement ring. She hasn't seen it yet. I'm not sure what they're going to do about finding and purchasing his. 

  • Agree w/ PPs that it's up to you and your circumstances.  I bought and paid for FI's ring and had it engraved while he was away - he figured since he picked my engagement ring, I could pick his wedding band.  Finding a ring to fit with my e-ring was a problem, but we finally found something that will work and we went together and he bought it - it's not big enough to engrave. 


  • We picked ours out together and each paid for each other's.  Neither of us had them engraved. 
  • We picked them out together (he mainly picked his and I mainly picked mine) and we bought them from our joint account we set up for wedding expenses.  Like jenna, we really thought of it as just another wedding expense.  We had ours engraved with each others fingerprints (his ring has my print, my ring has his print).  I had seen it on Pinterest and we both really liked the idea. Again, the engraving costs came from our joint wedding account.


  • My band was part of a set with my e-ring that DH bought. We went shopping together for his ring and I bought it while he was with me. I figured since he bought my rings that I would buy his.
  • We picked them out together and paid for them together (joint account).  The next day, I called the jeweler to tell her what engraving I would like on H's ring, which I paid for from my own account, so that it would be a surprise.  He didn't know about it until the day of the wedding.

  • We stopped paying any attention to who pays for what a long time ago... I guess we've been acting like an old married couple for a while. We both always check with each other before making a big purchase of any type even though it's coming out of our individual checking accounts (we don't have a joint account yet).
  • Me and my Fiancee are wearing our rings (engagement ring and wedding band) even though our wedding is in 6 months.

    Make your own rules! It's more fun that way.
  • Me and my Fiancee are wearing our rings (engagement ring and wedding band) even though our wedding is in 6 months.

    Make your own rules! It's more fun that way.
    Make your own rules - if you enjoy confusing people.

    I think most couples buy each others' rings.  There is no rule.  Technically, the rings are gifts to each other symbolizing your marriage.
  • He bought mine and I bought his. I got the better deal ;)

  • I don't think it matters. We looked at rings together.  I'm pretty sure that we paid for them a few weeks before our wedding but after we had already combined our finances. Either way, we believe any money either of us has is our money.  And even if one of you pays for them out of your account/with your card, I assume it will all be combined money shortly after the wedding.
  • We pretty much, stopped paying attention to who pays for what. I found both rings but checked with him before paying. We too just put it under general wedding expenses.




  • We don't have a fully joint account yet {we're at 2 diff banks} so we each bought each other's bands. I don't want a fully joint account, but we may have one later on as a savings account {saving for a down payment on a house once wedding/honeymoon is paid!}
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