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so today I went to a dance class today called mixed fitness and let me tell you.... It was AMAZING!! I had so much fun. It's basically like Zumba just with a mix of music.. That class will get to my goal weight..

What kind of workouts do you guys do?


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    I do a lot of at home workouts with DVDs, but I also have a gym membership that I use about twice a week for the extra cardio and weight machines, as well as the group fitness classes.

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  • I have a lot of at home DVDs as well but I can never stick to them, so basically they are just going to waste.

  • That sounds fun! Zumba is my go-to for cardio.

    I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. I get up a little before 5am so I can go before I go to work. Definitely helps with routine. I target something different daily- back & bis/tris one day, shoulders & chest another day, legs & abs another day, with cardio mixed in there at the beginning and end of each workout. I rotate those so I'm hitting each about every 3 days. My FI is really into fitness and he helps think of new stuff when I get bored. I'm also thinking about visiting a personal trainer at the gym to get some new ideas and work on my form on squats & dead lifts. 

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  • My gym membership comes with free personal trainer sessions. I absolutely love Zumba and Mixxed fitness it takes your mind off the workout and I use to dance so it's like being back on my element.
  • Jealous!! Ours are $40 for an hour, which isn't too bad, and they're great trainers. 

    I am not a huge cardio fan in general. I get shin spints when I run, so I tend to stick to the elliptical, but I get really bored. I love Zumba since it's moving and high energy. 

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  • I like cardio as long as it's not running lol.. I love to swim so I'm picking that back up as well, I just wrote out a workout schedule the other day to include swimming and my dance classes. Hopefully I can be my goal weight before I deploy.,,,

    The trainers are really good as well my trainer just lost 90 pounds which is the same I plan to loose so I'm def sticking to the diet and all the tips I can get.

  • I have a pretty large gym in my apartment complex, two mornings a week FI and I have a personal trainer come and do workouts (cardio tuesdays and lifting fridays). She also gives us "homework" for an additional 2-3 mixed cardio/weights workouts per week.

    I also love running when it's nice out. I did my first half marathon last summer. I'd love to do another this summer! I was training for a full marathon last year but got injured after my half and had to stop. I know with wedding planning I won't have time to train for another full this summer, but maybe for 2016!

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