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Gifts for someone who's had a bad year

My sister had a really rough 2014, and when I asked her what she wanted for Chanukah, her reply was basically, "2015 not sucking."

What are some good gift ideas to help usher in a better year for someone? I'm looking to spend under $50 (preferably under $30), but any ideas are good ideas!

Re: Gifts for someone who's had a bad year

  • I second Let's Pretend This Never Happened.  I have never laughed so hard at a book in my life.

    For my mom/sisters this year, I got them an "evening to themselves" in a box: a bottle of wine, a nice face mask or something similar, and a book I thought they'd like but that they probably wouldn't just pick up and read on their own.

    I second @bethsmiles - anything that might help her relax.
  • I think these are cute!
    LINK - wishbone
    LINK - earrings

  • Oh I love @futuremrshistorian 's idea of a evening in box! That is so cute! I might have to steal that as a present for BF's sister and mom!

  • These are all great ideas. I don't think I can swing the bottle of wine; my sister lives in California and I'll be shipping her gifts directly to her. But I like the book idea for sure, and I'll look into some sort of spa stuff for her to have a relaxing night!
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  • If you cannot do wine - how about some gourmet hot chocolate mix with a nice big cappuccino mug.  You could even do a comfy set of pajamas.

  • I agree with @Dignity100 about the mug and hot chocolate if you can't swing the wine. I bought my coworkers THIS mug and filled it with seasonal teas, Starbucks Via packets, and hot chocolates. It's super cute. I think I'll end up doing it for my BMs too. The mug with drink mixes plus a book and face mask would be heavenly.

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  • I love extremely cheesy things so if you're looking to give her luck during the new year, this bracelet would be cute!

    If a bracelet isn't enough, you could always get her a small bottle of wine or something to go with it. 

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