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Okay, I shouldn't complain about it being Monday. I have a lot of fun stuff going on this week:

Wednesday I have my office Xmas lunch. My boss is taking us out to a fancy Italian place, and I'm sure it will take a couple of hours, making the workday go by quickly. After work, I'm heading into the city to tag along with @Swazzle for her office Xmas party. Hers includes booze, so it will be much more fun than mine.

After than, I just have to make it through Thursday, and then I have a three-day weekend because @Buddysmom80 is getting MARRIED on Friday and I get to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited - hers will be the first real reception I've gotten to go to for one of MY friends, and I just know I'm going to cry all the tears and then have a fantastic time partying with a bunch of my favorite NEYers!

Now, just need to figure out how to fast forward though today and tomorrow....
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Re: MONDAY :-(

  • my test is today!  I've been up since forever and at work since 6:30.  ready to get this over with!

    I had a stomach bug all weekend, so we didn't do much.  we did go to the Broadway-style Christmas show and then had coffee with friends after.  and I studied.  a lot.  I took a 404 question practice test (the real thing is only 200, thankfully!) and made an 87%, so I think I should pass the real thing.

    this week is going to be crazy for me!!  I'm hosting a ladies cookie swap and dinner at my house on Friday evening, so tonight I have to start cleaning the house, wrapping Christmas gifts so our tree isn't bare underneath, decorate the porch, and start on Christmas cards.  normally I'd have all that done by now, but I've really only been focusing on this test.  and I noticed Baxter got grass in the bed this morning (sigh) so I need to wash the sheets when I get home.

    and H is taking me to get gelato tonight, if I can stomach it.  celebration gelato or consolation gelato... who really cares at this point?!?

    I'm also enjoying a nice hot Starbucks coffee today, courtesy of @futuremrshistorian<3

    I hope you take lots of photos at @buddysmom80's wedding, @Hummingbird125!!  she is going to be such a beautiful bride!!!
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  • @CocobellaF good luck on your test today!

    I had a good weekend.  I just felt very emotional for most of it, for no real reason.  Friday I ran an errand and didn't do much else but relax and go over lines.   Saturday we had my friend's daughter's 1 st birthday party. It was cute and there were a lot of friends there.  It was so cute to see if H playing with our goddaughter.  I want a baby now.

    Sunday was spent doing some stuff around the house and then I had rehearsal at night. This weekend A Christmas Carol opens so it's going to be a long week of rehearsing.

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @swazzle, @hummingbird125, @goldenpenguin, @csousa1 - Have fun at @buddysmom80's wedding!

    @buddysmom80 - Can't believe you're getting married on Friday!!

    @cocobellaf, rock your test!
    Blargh. So I got trapped at home by my own body just about all weekend. I got the Christmas commission done (and paid for! woo money) and I got most of my mom's scarf done. Then yesterday as I was recovering enough to go to Day 3 of gaming ... I got a whopper of a cold. Didn't sleep much last night, but the bath I finally took helped.

    Today I have a paper on the International Space Station to write. Other than that I don't think I have any defined plans for the week yet, which is probably good because I feel lousy.
  • thanks, @Peaseblossom55 and @KeptInStitches - and I hope you feel better!!
  • @buddysmom80 -Happy Wedding Week!!!! I know it's going to be such an exciting week for you!

    @swazzle- Yay for making an offer on the house! I hope you have a much better experience with this house.

    My weekend was pretty good. WE went to dinner with DH's mom and stepdad on Friday and ate all the things. Saturday DH and I went and helped my parents pick out a Christmas tree and shopped around. That night we went to a Christmas party which was fun but I was super tired when we got home.

    Sunday I felt like I never could fully wake up. We bought our Christmas tree and decorated it and put out the lights. I love it! Then we roasted chicken and made couscous and watched The Red Tent on lifetime. I fell asleep in the middle of it.

    Tonight I'm going to drop my car off again at the repair shop to get fixed after getting hit again and then going to CrossFit to work off all the things I ate and drank this weekend.
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    @CocoBellaF - Good luck on your test!!! You will kill it!


    My weekend was alright, despite being sort of sick.

    I left work early on Friday because I felt like crap and went home and ate soup and snuggled with my kitty until FI came over, and then I snuggled with BOTH of them. Watched some tv, addressed my Christmas cards, and then went to bed early.

    Saturday I got to sleep in a little bit, dyed my hair, and then got ready to go to the Christmas Carol reading at my grandpa's church. It went really well, I was so pleased! There were 5 readers including me, and one of them was an old friend of mine from highschool/from when we both went to the church as very small kids. It was really great to catch up with him, and spend some time with my grandpa. After the reading FI and I went to my parent's house for dinner and watched some of the hockey game.

    Yesterday was church, writing Christmas cards, and some online Christmas shopping while FI took a nap. Then evening service at church and then back to my place. FI set up his slingbox at home and we got to my place in time to watch the Newsroom on time and OMG all the feels :(

    Today I have a ton of email to do...what else is new?

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  • @swazzle fingers and toes crossed this house goes much much smoother!!

    CocoBellaF  good luck on your test!

    KeptInStitcheslmcooper86 I feel your pain, I've been sick since Monday with bronchitis, and I just can't get this cough to go away.

    Yesterday was the first day that I left the house.  I went out with bf and his family to pick out their Christmas tree.  Bf's parents have cathedral ceilings so they always get a 10ft or taller Christmas tree.  It's my favorite Christmas tree and usually I just help decorate, but it was fun to be there when they picked it out this year. 

    After that my best friend and I had VIP passes to the Victoria's secret fashion show preview (which was basically just a big sale at victoria's secret with a DJ and some prizes).  We didn't win anything but we had fun shopping.  I'm almost done with Christmas shopping, just need to get something for my parents and bf's parents.

    After work I'm getting new tires on my car because it is supposed to snow all week, and I am not getting stuck again.  

    SwazzleKeptInStitches[Deleted User]
  • I am exhausted today.  In all fairness it's mostly my fault.  This weekend, I introduced my future step kids to a tradition my family always had of hanukkah stockings from the hanukkah mouse (yeah, we're weird) so they had trouble falling asleep saturday ngiht because they were so excited and then woke us up at 5:30 Sunday morning going "the mouse is came!."  It was hilarious but totally messed up my sleeping and then I had a hard time last night going to bed.  So I'm just exhausted today.
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    @Hummingbird , @Swazzle , @goldenpenguin , @csousa1 - Have fun at the wedding!! 

    @Buddysmom80 - CONGRATS - Wedding week!!!  You better update us before 2015 with details and pics (please)!

    @CocoBellaF - Hope you're feeling better!!

    @Swazzle - I hope this house works out for you!  Is this the 2 bdrm one you guys looked at or a different one?

    Hi Ladies

    I'm feeling super exhausted.  I just need to make it to Christmas week - then I can crash!  I just think it's going to be busy at work - they're trying to cram a whole bunch of stuff in before year end.

    Saturday we have the holiday party for my work.  I couldn't decide between 2 dresses so I bought both and will ask H to pick which one he likes better and return the other (or keep it for another occasion, I got a decent deal on both).

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  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    I can't wait to get to the hotel and mouth kiss @swazzle, @csousa1, @hummingbird125, and THE BRIDEEEEE. 

    I'm probably not even going to bother putting on makeup, because I am doing a reading during the ceremony, and I'm going to cry ALL THE TEARS. 

    I'm going to get nothing done all week because I'm so excited.


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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @Swazzle YAAYYY for making an offer! I hope you hear something soon!!

    @buddysmom80 OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG you are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Hummingbird125 Have fun all the Christmas parties and buddy's wedding this weekend! It sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned!

    I don't have many plans today or this week really. My boss is back after a week long sales conference. She told me she had been given a lot of compliments on my work from multiple team members (and they were given both to her and our director which is even better!). Today I might try to finish up some more shopping. I've "adopted" a 7 year old boy for Christmas this year so I need to go pick out some cute outfits for him from Target. I can't wait!

    This weekend was pretty normal. I pretty much did all the same things on Saturday with @southernpeach89. On Sunday I went for a run for the first time in awhile with Cinders. I'm restarting the Couch to 10k program because I don't feel ready to just jump right in to running for full miles at a time. I also wrapped up what Christmas gifts I had purchased and did some picking up around the house.

  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    @Hummingbird125 What a fun week! I think Monday are universally terrible for everyone, regardless of how awesome of a week you're going to have. 

    @CocoBellaF GOOD LUCK! I know you're going to ace the exam :)

    @Swazzle Yay for putting an offer on a house! I'm sending good house buying vibes to you guys.

    @KeptInStitches I'm so sorry you were sick all weekend! I'm glad you got the Christmas commission done though-- I know it was a pain in the butt for you. I hope you feel better ASAP!

    @southernpeach89 Wait, you got hit again?! Whaaaat?

    @lmcooper86 I'm so glad you felt well enough to do the reading! That sounds like a really fun day. I just ordered a copy of The Christmas Carol, and I'm going to start reading it today. Also, FI and I just started watching Downton Abbey... we're on the 3rd episode of the second season. Your gif made me laugh now that I understand who it is. :-P

    @speakeasy14 Ohhh VIP passes! That sounds fun, even if it was just a giant sale.

    @lacqueredlover Awwww that's so awesome that they love that tradition and were so excited about it!

    @buddysmom80 WEDDING WEEK! YAY!!!!!

    I'm exhausted today because FI and I stayed up late watching Downtown Abbey. We just started the second season. It's so cute how into it he is. I think he originally agreed to watch it with me because I was so interested in the show, but now he's all invested in the characters and stuff. I have a feeling we'll fly through the series this week.

    Everyone at work is out with the plague. On Friday it was a ghost town, and I think even more people are out today. So far I'm fine, but I think it's because I'm already on antibiotics for my sinus crap. 

    This weekend was so much fun! On Friday I worked from home all afternoon and went in for a CT scan on my sinuses. Then Friday night I picked up my brother from the airport, and we grabbed dinner and hung out with some friends that night. I was out until 2am, which is unheard of for me.

    Saturday we all went shopping for my niece, nephews, mom, and a couple of cousins. It was a loooong day, but I got a lot done. All I have left to buy for Christmas is candy for FI's stocking, so I'm pretty happy. Saturday night we went to my family's favorite restaurant and had dinner with my parents, cousins, great aunt and uncle, and an aunt. It was awesome. I apparently hadn't seen my great uncle and great aunt in a looooong time because they had never met FI and didn't realize I was back in the Dallas area (I moved back three years ago...), so I felt a little guilty for being so out of touch. It was great catching up with everyone, and they all enjoyed seeing my brother again too. He really enjoyed himself as well, so it was a win-win. After dinner we went out with my cousin (who is my MOH) and her boyfriend for some drinks at a really cool bar that's attached to a museum. There were terra cotta soldiers on display, and they were having a swanky Christmas party there, so it was all festive and such. I was again up until about 2am, so the old lady in me is exhausted today.

    Yesterday we all slept in, and then grabbed lunch and wrapped some presents. I dropped my brother off at the airport around 6, and then FI and I watched A Christmas Story and 3 or 4 episodes of Downtown Abbey until about midnight last night. I had a hard time falling asleep because my mind wouldn't shut off, and I woke up about an hour late today. Oops! Good thing my boss is out sick lol.

    Tonight I need to run to the grocery store and then finish wrapping presents. This upcoming weekend is going to be really busy with Christmas events, so I need to finish all necessary wrapping and figure out what I'm cooking for these events too. I'm thinking of doing a lasagna since it's super easy to make and tastes better when you heat it up, and I may bake some cookies from scratch or make a pie or something too. I also need new to/from tags for gifts. The ones I've been using I bought last year at Target, and the first page was fine, but the rest are a mess. One page was not aligned properly with the printer, and the others weren't cut correctly so when I go to peel the sticker off, the sticker rips. Grrrrrr

    [Deleted User]SwazzleKeptInStitches
  • @lmcooper86 - if you want my well-loved and dog-eared Rita Mulcahy and practice exam books, I can send them to you!  I do not plan on doing this ever again!  :)
  • @futuremrshistorian -yes! It was based off of the book and it's a mini series on Lifetime. I read the book and the show was a bit less exciting but I was also really tired.

    @Eilis1228 little sister backed into my car during Thanksgiving weekend. It's less damage than the first wreck but there needs to be a few repairs done again. It's super irritating. 
  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @CocoBellaF - 87%? Holy hell. I'd be going into your PMP test with some serious confidence if I were you.

    @lacqueredlover - The Hanukkah mouse tradition sounds so great! That's adorable that you shared it with the kids.


    I had a great weekend! My parents came to visit, even though I just saw them for Thanksgiving. We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner on Friday and had some great beers. Saturday I made omelettes (and all of them came out great! which is new....), then we took the dog for a walk and looked at some nearby houses that are for sale. My parents gave me really great home buying advice. We spent about 2 hours at World Market buying Christmas/stocking stuff, and a serving platter I wanted really bad last year was on clearance for half the price! Then my BF made his signature chili for dinner, we played Power Grid while it was cooking, then watched Love Actually.

    Yesterday, BF and I went and got our tree. Our house smells SO AMAZING. I haven't had a REAL Christmas tree since I was a little girl! And I was afraid my dog would maybe try and mark it, but he is too preoccupied growling at my rotating Nutcracker decoration. I can't wait to get home and bask in the smell some more.

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  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    I got zero things done this weekend and forgot to go to work last night for an overnight step, so I'm a day behind on that experiment.

    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • @buddysmom80 - IT'S SO CLOSE!!!

    Friday night I volunteered at a race packet pickup for a GOTR 5k. Then DH and I went to BWWs to watch the Arizona/Oregon game (it didn't go well for us). I got a little tipsy and ended up picking a fight with DH for no reason.

    Saturday I took the dogs for a walk and then went back to bed for most of the day.In the late afternoon, DH and I did a walking tour in our town where you get to go in some people's houses and see the decorations. That was neat.

    Sunday I had my first appointment for this month's attempts at trying to have a baby. Cross those fingers for me ladies! Then I had lunch with one of my college girlfriends who just got engaged. I promptly went back home and crawled into bed. I'm in such a funk lately.
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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

    GoldenPenguin[Deleted User]
  • @buddysmom80‌ AHHHHH THIS WEEK!!!!!

    @CocoBellaF‌ good luck on your exam! I'm sure you owned it.

    @Swazzle‌ I'm crossing everything for your house! It sounds perfect!

    @cu97tiger‌ I'm sorry you're in a funk. :( Sending you all the vibes, my dear!

    I had a fabulous weekend that pretty much went as planned. On Saturday, my friend A and I spent the day in DC. We went to the Native American museum and the National Gallery of Art, and they were both pretty cool. It rained almost the whole day, but that didn't bother us too much. He also took me out for sushi as a late "you're a nurse!" thing (I never dreamed I'd be able to milk that this long, lol). Sunday I saw Mockingjay with my brother (I cried...multiple times), and did some couponing and meal planning for the week.

    Nothing too huge in the works for this week. I'm going to try to run at least three times this week, and a friend and I are doing a dance class tomorrow, so that should be fun. I'm also going to finally finish my Christmas shopping tonight. Not too sure what else yet.
    [Deleted User]Swazzle
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    edited December 2014

    @Swazzle - Fingers crossed for the house!

    @speakeasy14 - Mine's been just a cold, but it's on again off again every couple of days and I just feel really run down. I'm glad I took Friday afternoon off and didn't do anything yesterday, so hopefully I've worked it out of my system.

    @LaPeanut1018 - Aw, I used to do that through my parents' church! So much fun. FI's church does a more generic Christmas basket program, so I have to remember to take money for that next week.

    @eilis1228 - YES! I love Lady mom says she reminds her of me, which I take as a sort of awful compliment lol I didn't finish season 4, I kept missing it because of the evening service at FI's church, so I have the last 3 episodes waiting on my computer. I might just re-watch the whole season over Christmas.

    @CocoBellaF - How well-loved are we talking?

    @cu97tiger - Alllllll the vibes <3

    ETA we have emojis now??

    cu97tigereilis1228[Deleted User]Swazzle
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    @Swazzle - All the good house-buying vibes for you! I hope you get it!

    Today is my last day of the semester! I'm so fucking excited. All I have to do is hand out a final and then I never have to see this group of students again! However, I still haven't heard back from HR about my job so that's annoying, I mean seriously how hard is it to make a decision and get back to me? I have a feeling they are purposefully waiting until the end of the semester which really pisses me off.

    I don't have a lot of plans for the week. I'm really hoping to hear back from a couple of jobs I applied to. And I'll be applying to more jobs this week since I won't have to be at work. 

    On Thursday BF and I are going to the Botanic Gardens for our traditional December Christmas lights date. I'm really excited! We pick a different place to go every year but I think this year might be the best one :)

    On Friday I have to drive up to Greeley to meet with my thesis adviser. I really wish she would just use the review feature of MS Word so I didn't have to drive an hour and a half just to get edits from her.
  • @cu97tiger -I'm crossing all the things for you!
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    @southernpeach89 Oh no! Is the damage bad? I really hope it's a quick fix and that you have no more car problems for a looooong time. 

    @lmcooper86 I love Lady Mary too! I couldn't stand her at first, but she's changed a lot since the first episode. I really love her relationship with the servants, especially Carson, and I like that she's gotten over a lot of her initial snobbery. My least favorite characters right now are Edith, O'Brien, and Thomas. 
  • @eilis1228 It's not bad, I'm hoping it won't take as long to fix this time as last time. The damage isn't as serious.
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    @southernpeach89 Good! I hope it's a really quick and inexpensive fix. I'm so sorry you've had so much car trouble lately :(
  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @CocoBellaF - Lady, you are such a fucking stud. Congrats!
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  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @cocobellaf, Congratulations!!!
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