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mariah Carey singing episode

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did yall see the video of Mariah singing... 

and I like Mariah you know she is one of greats like Whitney.. maybe she needs to just rest.. she doesnt need to sing any more,.. she is one of the greats.. but not in this video like she doesnt sound horrible its just not one of her best performances
i will attach the one with audio and the one with out - with track behind her - without the track 

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Re: mariah Carey singing episode

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    I had heard about it but I never found the video! Oh my goodness Mariah.smh poor baby going through some things. You're right, she should just rest and let her name go down as one of the greats! Whitney had a couple bad performances before she left us too. Just bow out successfully, I think!lol
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    LeciaB we couldve did that song lol..

    But those kids were dancing they lil butts off lol

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    ROFLMAO!!! i do love me some mariah! but that was a mess!!! i made hubby watch it with me, he looked dead at me and said she lost her touch. that's when you know it bad! yes! she need to retire. I don't think she was catching anything. I don't think she's spending enough time where ever she go to practice. She can't just show up somewhere and think she gonna be bomb. i was reading somewhere a while back that she did a performance in china and them people was UPSET!

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