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I bough my wedding dress from Ritche Bridal.  Everyone raves about this place and talk about it as if it is "THE" place to go in Toronto.  Although they have a good selection of dresses, the customer service is anything but special.  I definitely wasn't treated very special.  The biggest warning I would give brides is about Ritche's alteration costs.  When I purchased my $1300 dress I was told alterations were about $500.  After my first fitting i was handed a bill for $950!  I was furious.  They do all the pinning and then tell you each thing has a set price to it, but if you don't want all the work done you can have it for less - as if that's what you are going to do.  I would suggest wherever you buy your dress to make sure to ask very specific questions about the work you may want or need done and all the costs.

Re: Ritche Bridal

  • I got mine from there too. I haven't been fitted yet, but was told $400-600 for alterations. I guess I was being played.
  • will depend on what you need done.  just be warned they will just start making the changes on you and tell you the price afterwards. so just ask questions as you go. don't let them intimidate you. I think they forget that although they do it all the time, brides are new to the process and it's an emotional purchase.  but at the end of the day, they do a good job and my dress was perfect. 
    good luck!
  • Can you take it to your own seamstress or do you have to use theirs?
  • you can take it to your own seamstress if you want. 
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