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My wait is officially over!  Finally got my written mark this afternoon, so as of today, I am a real EMT!  Yippeee!!



so I did my registration for status change (from Emergency Medical Responder to Emergency Medical Technician) online yesterday, and express posted the paper documents today (yeah, it's weird that they do it half and half), and found out this evening that I could have done the status change when I applied for the examination in the first place, which meant I would have been registered today instead of waiting for it to go through now, along with 280 other applications, not to mention the probably 2000 + renewals that will be happening between now and January. It would have been REALLY nice to know that!  ACP, you suck! :(

 The cost of the registration is pretty ridiculous too.  $425 every year (multiplied by the thousands of EMRs, EMTs, and paramedics!

In our province you have to be registered to work, and you have to renew the registration each year.

What this all means is that it will probably be 1-2 months before I can actually start working as an EMT :(:(


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