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Picture Disappointment

My future in laws were nice enough to throw me and my fi and engagement party. They even hired the wedding photographer we had booked for the wedding to come out and take pictures for the party.They paid him $300 to take pictures for 2 hours. After waiting almost 4 weeks for the pictures, he only sent me 62 pictures. About a quarter of them were zoomed in on one person while they were talking or listening or whatever. I was so disappointed. Now I'm wishing I hadn't already signed a contract with this guy for the wedding. I asked for more unedited pictures and told the guy what I didn't like about some of the pictures. He pretty much said that he had sent me everything and that was his style of photojournalism. Has any one else been in this same situation? I feel like I should have gotten more than 62 pictures for how long he was there. 

Re: Picture Disappointment

  • I would find a new photog for the wedding. There's not much you can do about the party photos. Check your contract and see if you can break it. I would forgo my deposit before I'd have someone shoot my wedding that only took 31 photos per hour and I wasn't happy withe the outcome. If that's his "style" he's telling you it won't be different come your wedding day.

    Bail now.
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  • AGREED. Photos are too important to take chances on!! 

    Also that is a ridiculously small amount of pictures. My engagement shoot was only like an hour and a half and I had over 100 pictures, probably closer to 200 but she only sent the good ones. 
  • Every photographer has a style and they're not going to change it whether you like it or not.  You should have a way out of your contract, even if that means you lose a deposit and I suggest you get out now.   Photos are just too important!   Be sure to really get a good look at the next photographer's portfolio and if they don't have pictures on their site of the style of wedding yours will be (night, large, whatever) ask them.  Sometimes clients don't grant permission to post their photos on a site, but that doesn't mean you can't meet with them and take a look at more detailed shoots. 

    The amount of pictures is small but it says to me that he's not very good.  Pictures take a lot of time to edit regardless but even more time to edit if you're not getting very good shots to start with and trying to glean better shots out of not so hot pictures.   I'm sure he delivered the ones that were the best out of what he got but in two hours he probably shot hundreds.   I would have expected a hundred or so. 

    You can also find photographers that will offer to edit a certain number of pictures for you but give you everything shot.  It might be more expensive this way but then you get to have all of the pictures, even the crappy or funny ones.  In this case they should meet with you to give you a preview of the images they feel are the best and worth really editing for an album. 

    (Been a semi-pro photographer for 10 years, in camera retail business for 15)  
  • Two hours of shooting with all the digital images (all being the 62 keepers) for only $300 should have been the first red flag. That is insanely cheap and guessing from it I would say his overall skill is lacking.

    I would have an open conversation with him that you think you might not be a good fit. Be prepared to lose your deposit (since I assume you saw his wedding portfolio before booking, but are now worried after seeing these party photos) but don't expect him to change his style of shooting. 
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    Again I agree with photokitty, BUT.  You may be able to have an honest discussion with him about your feelings and your concerns for your wedding day.  Maybe, just maybe, he had a bad day at the engagement session but still may have it in him to do the day.

    I agree that that simplest thing to do is lose your security deposit and find another photographer.  I'm just saying that I might give this guy one more chance to get it right...if there was some reason that you were excited about the guy in the first place.

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