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When is the appropriate time to pay your officiant? I have a meeting with one Monday and he said at our first meeting is when I should pay him. It just sounds fishy to me. Why do I have to pay him a year in advance (our wedding is Nov 2015) and would if I don't like him? Has anyone else come across something like this?

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    We didn't pay our officiant until the night before the wedding, but a lot of vendors will ask for at least some money up front to book the date for you. 

    ETA: you probably aren't going to have any contact with him again until a month or so before the wedding so you will have to figure out if you like him at that first meeting anyways. 

  • Ok, thank you! That was very helpful!!
  • We paid ours a deposit (I think $100) and then paid him the rest at the rehearsal. 

  • An officiant I considered charged half up front.

    I ended up choosing priest, who just received cash day of--DOC gave envelope to best man who slipped it to him.
  • We paid ours at rehearsal.
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