Any thoughts on Westin Maui Resort?

We are trying to decide on a venue for our April wedding next year (not too much for planning!) and judging from the photos (no time to take a trip to Maui before the wedding...), I quite like the looks of Ocean Front Lawn at the Westin Maui Resort in Lahaina.

However, I find the way their event planner work rather strange...they asked me to fill a pre-planning form with my details, then told me that I have to pay a non-refundable deposit (without telling me what amount that is!) and then only after the deposit has been paid, they will provide me with a list of their preferred vendors and I can only choose from that list of people to work with, no exception...

Has anyone looked into hosting their wedding at this resort recently? Anyone indeed had their wedding there recently? Any feedback would be much appreciated!!

Re: Any thoughts on Westin Maui Resort?

  • Maybe you could call them and speak to them about it?  I would want to know who their preferred vendors are since you have to use them.  I would want to have a look at the vendors and do a bit of research.  But that's just me.  Surely other brides have had similar concerns?
    This is why we chose to not hold ours at a resort.  I wanted to have more of a say in the decisions.  But I know it works for some.
    Good luck.
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