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Alterations - DC area + general q.

Hi everyone! I'm getting married the first second week of May 2015, and I bought my dress at a sample sale. I'm embarking on the alterations process (much needed because the dress was a sample), and wanted to see if anyone had feedback. 

1. Does anyone have recs for a seamstress in the DC metro area? I'm struggling because my mother is orthodox jewish and cannot travel in a car on Friday evening or Saturday. We both work full time, so coordinating time off during the week has been challenging, and as far as I can tell most of the popular boutiques and seamstresses are not open Sundays. Any advice on a quality shop, or someone with more flexible hours?

2. Because I got my dress at a sample sale, I haven't been able to get a ton of feedback from the boutique re: fittings schedules. What worked for you? How many fittings did you have? Am I late already? Yikes!

Thanks so much!

Re: Alterations - DC area + general q.

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    You may want to post this on your local board as the brides in DC would probably have some suggestions for where to find a seamstress.

    As for fittings, I went in for my first round of fittings 4 weeks before my wedding. You don't want to go too early as your weight could fluctuate and you don't want your dress to be too large or too small. I went in for my second wedding 3 weeks before my wedding and my dress was ready to go 2 weeks before my wedding. So you have lots of time! I wouldn't go until second week of April, if I were you.

    Good luck!
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    You probably aren't getting a lot of feedback because it is way to early to even be worried about fittings.  Your first fitting should take place about 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date.  Typically 3 fittings occur.  Initial to see what needs to be done.  A second to see if the alterations were correct and if any more need to be done.  And a third to make sure it is all perfect.  Sometimes you won't need the third because everything is good at your second fitting.  Sometimes you may need more then 3.  But you don't want to start this process too soon because of weight fluctuations.

    So I would proabably call up your salon (if you choose to use them for alterations) some time in March to set up an appointment with a seamstress in April.

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