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HELP!! Did anyone choose this DB dress for their bridesmaids?

I am searching high and low for 2 of these dresses anywhere from size 8-16. Two of my girls didn’t get their dress orders in on time :-( Please if you or anyone you know chose these dresses please see if they are willing to asks their bridesmaids to sell them to me. Style: F15662 Color: Peacock

Re: HELP!! Did anyone choose this DB dress for their bridesmaids?

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    I'm sorry I can't help you find that specific dress. What I may recommend is telling them to find ANY long david's bridal dress in peacock. At this point, that might be your only option if you want them all in the same color.

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    Have you checked eBay and Tradesy?
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    ebay has it in a larger size but its not the color you need its still available online but not in the color you want 

    my suggestion is to call some davids bridals and see what color they got the sample in and would they be willing to sell it if they had the color and size you wanted 
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    i checked preowned for her and they dont have it either. i would call davids 1800  number to see what they can do for you in terms of locating a sample in that color in the sizes you need 
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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm going to keep checking tradesy, preowned, ebay etc. and I will call David's again. I do have a back up I just need to see how close the colors match. Does this seem pretty close to you guys?

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    that looks very close to me. as long as its not from a chineese knock off website then go for it
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    Just my personal opinion...

    I think you would be better off having those 2 bridesmaids get a long DB dress in the color Peacock, but a different style, than getting a totally different designer and hoping the color goes. A lot of bridal parties have different styles in the same color but I think if most of them are in peacock and then 2 are in "peacock-ish" it might look weird.

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    I love different dresses in the same color! 
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    edited December 2014
    I picked those dresses for my bridesmaids.  I gave them options and 2 of them went with that dress (I included a photo for you).  You could look for some other dresses in the same style.  You might be surprised how well they match even if they aren't exactly the same.  David's has dozens in that line to choose from.   photo 15675877111_47f681089f_h_zpsb2505321.jpg
    photo a9462148-4aa2-44d9-90ce-7f8b4d94b393_zps20ae9070.jpg
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    Justcallmesamson, that does look really good together! But now I'm even having trouble finding ANY dresses in peacock. 
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