Gluten free & vegan wedding cakes

Howdy all!  Do any of you know of a great place in the Willamette Valley for gluten free and vegan wedding cakes?


Re: Gluten free & vegan wedding cakes

  • try kati's cakes-
    she doesn't specialize in g/f, but she does great work
  • My girl said she can do GF. I am allergic so I was soooo thankful I didn't have to find another baker! Give her a call. Dani (360) 980-2020
  • You might also try searching in Yelp for gluten free cakes.  

    I have heard that some bakeries can make a layer (or whole cake) vegan or gluten free if you want to have both.
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  • Oh. And there's the piece of cake bakery in Sellwood that's gluten free and does wedding cakes. Not sure how much though. My lady quoted me $300 for a cake serving 250. So...u do the math.. ;-)
  • Try looking at Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings (www.rosepedalsveganweddings.com) in their vegan wedding vendor listings to see if they have any cake vendors in your area.
  • Anyone know if Beverton Bakery does GF? I tried getting in touch with them but no response yet...
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  • My Darling and his family are Celiac, so this is a big issue for us too. 

    It's not enough that a bakery can do gluten-free. The cakes have to be made in a gluten-free environment with no possibility of contanimation. And I don't know how many of you have been in a bakery, but there's a lot of wheat flour dust in the air, contaminating everything.

    We've done our research and found a baker in Lake Oswego, but the cake prices were $5.50 a slice, and I'm not willing to go that high. The other places like New Cascadia or Sweat Pea Bakery didn't have a good enough portfolio of past cakes for me to be very happy.

    So, we've opted to make our own wedding cakes, at home, perhaps by haranguing my mom to help. Ha!

    Good luck though! I think this would be a great niche to get into, especially since there's a need for it.
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