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XP: tasting scheduled to see if we want this caterer

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On 12/29/14. We can choose 4 entrees, 6 sides and 3 horsdoeuvres. This is what we are thinking: Hordoeuvres: we will taste sliced smoked sausage with sweet and tangy honey BBQ sauce and mini meatballs with either Swedish gravy or BBQ sauce. Will also have cheese and crackers and a vege/relish tray. Entrees: Herb chicken with white wine cream sauce Roasted pork loin Rajun Cajun combo: which comes with blackened chicken, red beans and rice, and either Étouffée or gumbo (FI is Cajun) Seasoned, smoked or garlic & mushroom chicken( not sure which one to taste) Sides: Garlic whipped potatoes Roasted garlic & rosemary potatoes Macaroni & Cheese Grilled vegetables Green bean casserole Country green beans(onion and bacon) Our other entree will be steak but can't do a tasting of it. How does this sound? Would you make other choices? I have like 8 pages of food to chose from. Edit: had paragraphs, but when posted, they are gone
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Re: XP: tasting scheduled to see if we want this caterer

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    It's the end of the day at work and my mind has stopped working, so I'm not of any help right now. I just wanted to say that you have made me hungry and I'm not looking forward to this part of planning... (I'm not a very decisive person!)

    Edit: added the following :)

    This sounds awesome... If you only get to taste one of the chicken dishes, I'd do the garlic mushroom or the Ragun Cajun. And roasted potatoes are awesome, and probably won't dry out as fast as the whipped potatoes would. Enjoy!
  • Thanks @lbailey886‌ I'm allowed to taste 4 entrees. That 1 chicken dish comes either seasoned, smoked or garlic with mushrooms. I'm not sure out of those 3 which way to taste it. I'm the same way. I'm bad about choices
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