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Wedding Planner?

Hi! I need some help...

Would you all suggest having a wedding planner? I'm kinda lost about what to do. They are super expensive but is it worth it?


Re: Wedding Planner?

  • For me, no, it wasn't worth it.  I had a wonderful mother who did a lot of the planning, which was great.  But even if she hadn't, I would have done it myself.  

    I would google "wedding checklists" (I believe TK has one, actually) or buy a wedding planning book to help you with timelines, what to do and all that.  I had this GINORMOUS spiral bound thing (can't remember the title) that included every little thing.  Lots of blank space to write notes; pictures and descriptions of dress, sleeve, train, veil and shoe styles; and pictures of about 50 different common wedding flowers, when they're in season, typical cost, etc.  It was INSANE.  My mom gave it to me but she commandeered it for the rest of my siblings weddings.  It's not like I'll need it again.

    This is the one I used.
  • I didn't have a wedding planner. I just used the wedding coordinator at our venue. The TK checklist and ap was actually really helpful to me. I kept very detailed lists of what needed to be done. 
  • Our venue required that we hire a day of coordinator from an approved firm. I did all the planning myself and just firmed up the details.  Our planner was super amazing (she's fairly well respected in the industry) and her team were so helpful.  

    We did all of the planning ourselves and worked with their team for a few areas we needed help with, but I did 90% of the leg work with my mother.  I work in events/meeting planning so I wanted to be very involved in the process.  It was a nice balance to have their help where I was struggling (floral and finding a wheelchair friendly dress/alterations) but have a lot of control on planning our wedding.

    We interviewed one coordinator who said we'd have to hand everything over to them and that was the kiss of death on that interview. 

    Day of they made everything a breeze. They crafted a timeline based on all of the vendor information, ensured everyone was in place and ran on time.  No stressing.  It was so helpful.  My husband and I weren't stressed or running around getting things set up!  
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    if you are still looking for a planner 
    id love to talk 
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  • I enjoyed planning my wedding, so we just hired a day of coordinator. We got married outside so there were a lot of logistics with equipment (chairs, tables, arch, plant holders, barricades, etc.) drop off/set up/pick up/tear down. Plus vendor coordination (sound system, flowers, decor, electrical, DJ, officiant, etc.). 

    The choices were: 1) we do it ourselves on our wedding day; or 2) we hire someone to do it. The DOC was a lifesaver for this reason. I'm pretty type A, so I made a binder with step-by-step instructions, times, locations, etc., met with her a few weeks prior to the wedding to explain how we wanted stuff and then she took the reigns the day of. I don't know how we would have done it without her.

  • I agree I think the checklist are a really big help (I'm not into the wedding stuff at all) but they did help me. I think you would only need a wedding planner/ coordinator closer to the wedding date just to make sure that you are driving yourself crazy. But you can totally do everything yourself
  • I got a day of coordinator so I didn't have to worry about set up, tear down and all of the day of activities. I feel 1000x better knowing that me, my mom or MOG don't have to do anything but enjoy the day.

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