Hey everyone! Having trouble trying to find an outdoor reception and ceremony location near Cleveland, Ohio that is not overpriced.  I am trying to keep the total cost under $10,000.00.  Anything I have been finding is about 45 minutes away and that is just to far for a lot of guests and the wedding party.  Anyone have any ideas out there?  I am even ok with a simple space of land to rent a tent or something.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Did you post this over on the Cleveland board too? They will be more likely to help you since they live there- all of us from other locations can't really help you.

    Here's the link to that board





  • Not sure if you're open to NOT having an outdoor reception but there are couple that I know that are fairly cheap (or on the cheaper end) that are indoor.  First being Massimo da Milano on the corner of West 25th Street and Detroit (that is where I am having my reception), base package is $50 per person and that includes open bar for 5-6 hours with house wine, beer and liquor.  There is a country club on the east side, Pineridge Country Club that is around the same price as Massimo but is further out I do believe.  A good friend, her sister had her reception there.  I may have some others but I can't think of them at the moment.  
  • Depending on how big of a location you need I know that on Whiskey Island you can rent space. The only thing is that you have to arrange for rent, table, chair rentals, lighting, Also your guests will be using port o potties. It does have an amazing view of the lake and your guests can even enjoy a short walk down to the water.

  • How many guests?

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