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Do my invitations need to include our color(s)?

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Since I'm pretty skilled with a printer and we're on a serious budget, FI and I bought a printable invite kit from Wilton.  Our colors are purple and silver, and we had difficulty finding a kit we liked that fit that scheme, so we ended up going with a neutral set with ivory borders on it (in addition to the fruitless color search, FI really fell in love with this set, and since he cares about very few details I've been trying to jump on anything that elicits a strong positive reaction from him!). 

Originally I had thought about buying little purple ribbons or sequins or rosettes -- something to attach to match our colors. However we are now getting to the stage where we are both exhausted from work and with planning, stressed about expenses, etc., and I'm not sure how much I really care if our invites have purple or not as long as they look nice. Our colors are our school colors and we're getting married at the school, so I don't think there will be much confusion or surprise there....Am I missing any major reasons that I *have* to get purple on these things? 

Re: Do my invitations need to include our color(s)?

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    40 years ago, wedding invitations were white or ecru with raised black printing - period!  Colors are a relatively recent fashion.  No, you do not need to include any colors.  Your invitations sound perfectly lovely as they are.
  • You could always print in one of the colors or the other.  Our colors are red & gray and we used ivory paper with just our names in red and the writing all in gray.  Just sent out the invites last week & we have gotten quite a few compliments on how beautiful the invitations are.  No rosettes, ribbons, etc.  I think you're fine without it.
  • Our colors are not apart of our invitation suite at all. We have white paper with black thermography. Our colors are royal/sapphire blue, emerald, and ivory and silver for touches of neutral.


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  • I thought about purple ink, but I know that color doesn't always print well so I wasn't sure how it would come out. But your invites sound really lovely, syoung968, so maybe I'll give it a shot on one of our testers! And then if it doesn't come out, just stick with what we have. 

    Thanks so much everyone!! This makes me feel much better. :-) 
  • Keep it simple & keep them & do black ink. Skip adding embelishments, if they end up adding weight or thickness to your invite, you'll have to pay more to ship them. Save your money & time, and stick with a simple kit & just use a nice font & make sure you have a fresh ink catridge in your printer and they will be beautiful. You and the parents are probably the only ones that will keep it after the wedding. The rest of your guests will throw them away.
  • Colored ink bleeds more often than a good black ink.  I'd just stick to standard and not stress yourself.
  • No, your invitations don't have to match your wedding colors. I'd use black ink and get them in the mail 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding. Rather than spending time on embellishing invitations, open a bottle of wine, put your feet up and relax.
  • No, you don't have to have your colors on your invitations. Many brides like to (I did just because they gave me the option for no extra cost) but as a guest actually receiving the invitation, I probably won't even remember what it looked like. 

    Of all the weddings I've attended, I can only tell you what 1 couple's invitations looked like and that was because their invitations were a little over-the-top, although really cool (parchment paper folded and worded in a way that fit their theme in gold lettering and wax sealed).

    Also, as someone who just finished assembling invitations with ribbons recently, I'm going to tell you that ribbons will take more work and time than you'd think. They're pretty frustrating.

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