inexpensive florist for bouts, corsages, and boquets in PDX??

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I ordered my flowers from theflowerexchange.com.  they will be coming 2 days before the wedding, and I really don't want to have to make my bouquets and corsages ect and store them all myself, two days before the wedding when I want to be getting pampered and relaxing with my MOH.  I am wondering if anyone knows of an inexpensive florest who would be willing to take the flowers I already ordered and do my arrangements for me? Do grocery store florests do this? 

 I was just going to do it all myself, but HOLY COW! I just wrote it out and at this point I need 25 individual items!  I don't really have a budget for this right now, as I thought I would do it myself, however, I think I might be overwhelming myself much more than I should during that week!
Thanks for all of your help!

Re: inexpensive florist for bouts, corsages, and boquets in PDX??

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    Our florist is awesome - Lisa Swartout with Bella Bloom Florals.  She's located in Sherwood, so it may be further away than you're looking for, but she is the best.  You can tell her your budget up front, and she lets you know how she can make it happen.  www.bellabloomflorals.com

    Good luck!
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    I second Lisa at Bella Bloom.. She did an arrangement for a co-worker and it was amazing. Which is why I decided that if I don't do my own bouquet's I would use her..

    Have you put a sample bouquet together to see how long it would take you and see how it looks? My mom and I did this over the weekend. It took us roughly 20 min from start to finish and it was our first time. I'd see if you can do it yourself first if you're worried about cost.
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    A retail florist may not be willing to work with flowers from a vendor they don't normally deal with, but it's worth a shot.  Also, depending on what you've ordered, you may want to bump up your delivery date by a couple of days.  You usually want to give your flowers at least 24 hours to re-hydrate after shipping before you start working with them.

    After that, you can make your bouts, corsages, and bouquets and store them in the fridge for up to 2-3 days before your wedding (as long as you've used the proper materials for making these arrangements and have a floral preservative spray).  Also, you want to remove any produce from your fridge as that can damage the blooms.
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