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Bringing in out of town hair stylist help!

Just recently moved to a new state which is where by wedding will be held.  I was never a fussy person about my hair until I met my incredible stylist who is sadly back in my home state.  I want to ask him to do my hair but I know that it will be a lot of trouble since he will need to fly and give up an entire weekend of work in order to do my hair. 

I was thinking about offering flights and hotel rooms for him and an assistant and then paying for the services for me and my girls.  Should I offer to cover other work they may loose or is this already generous enough?  Thanks!


Re: Bringing in out of town hair stylist help!

  • I think you just need to contact him & tell him you would like him to fly in for the weekend and are willing to cover the flights & hotel rooms, and ask him what his rate would be for the event. Chances are since he would lose jobs possibly on Friday (depending on time of flight) and then all their Saturday jobs, he'll adjust his normal traveling to location site accordingly. I would call soon to make sure he isn't booked already for any other weddings that day. I know my regular stylist was booked for 3 weddings on the day of my wedding, but she was able to do it because they were all at the salon.
  • I'm a stylist/make up artists and I work weddings and events on location.  Working 3 weddings in salon pays way less then working 1 on location wedding. ( booked not through the salon of course )
    If you cover travel fees, hotel, his/her rates + tips. That's the industry norm. You are not responsible for any other work they may be losing. Hope this helps:)
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