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I want to look like me...

I have pretty fine hair, think Reese Witherspoon, and I went dramatically short (for me) 2 years ago with a slightly longer than chin length bob. It was shorter in the back and had side-sweapt bangs. I LOVED this cut so much I kept it up until August when I decided I wanted to even it back out and let it grow. I bought my gown in September and when I tried on the sample with the veil, I pulled my hair partially back in a little clip with my bangs to the side. This made me miss my long hair and changed my original thought of pulling all of my hair back into a sleek low up-do to leaving it down and straight, pinning a small portion of the sides back with my side bangs. My FI loved my hair long and it is straight on its own, but I tame it with a flat iron. I want to look as much like me on our wedding day as possible and my question is do you all think hair similar to Reese Witherspoon would look "right?" The dress is strapless sweetheart and the wedding is in May 2016. I am afraid my hair won't look full enough, and it doesn't hold a curl without TONS of spray, wax, glue sticky stuff.... Thoughts or suggestions?

Re: I want to look like me...

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    I think you should do whatever makes you feel great and feel like yourself. Everyone told me that I NEEDED pounds of heavy makeup for it to photograph but I said no, that's not me. I did my own makeup that day with just light blush and mascara. I was so happy that I didn't go over the top like everyone told me. 

    I think you should jazz it up a little though. Honestly it would look a little weird to just have everyday hair in a gown but that doesn't mean it has to be all stiff curls. You could do straight but add a bit of teasing and an embellished headband or clips.



  • Thanks Jenna! I planned on adding a blingy hair clip as my veil will not be worn for the reception. I ordered an extra set of accent beading to make the hair piece and an extra little bit of bling to my dress so it all looks the same. Maybe I could have a soft curl to the shorter tendrils that will not pin back? I am also a very minimal makeup wearer, so it's nice to hear you were able to do your own makeup and still have great pics! Thanks for the advice!
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