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Hello all, 

First congratulations on your upcoming weddings! I am also getting married at the westmount and am going to schedule a meeting with Atlas and Pedastals. So far, Matthew from Atlas has not gotten back to me as I have tried several times. I was wondering if the owner of pedestals would meet closer to west mount as he is far from my location..does anyone else have this problem? thank you 

Re: Flowers

  • I have rarely heard of vendors coming to meet the client.  It costs them money (gas, tolls, time) and you're not a guaranteed client.  I think you're going to have to make the effort to go meet the owner.  We drove a little over an hour to meet a photographer.  It's all part of the wedding planning process! 

    Also, I'm sure there are many other wonderful florists don't have to use the venue's recommended vendors.  We used the recommended vendors as a starting point in our research, but I think we choose other vendors not on their recommended list for all but one vendor.  In your case, I would definitely be looking at other local florists.  Good luck! 
  • I think the Westmount requires you to use one of their florists. Have you tried Crest? 
  • Correct. Westmount requires you use one of their approved florists. 

    I'm using Atlas for my Westmount wedding as he was the only one I found willing to work with me and my budget. How have you tried to contact Matthew? I think he's been pretty responsive to calls but someone else manages the email address as whenever I try that, I get a reply from someone named Heather. 

  • Well if the venue requires you to use one of their approved florists and one of them is not getting back to you, I'd definitely bring this up with the venue!  How can you use one of their vendors if they're not responsive?
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