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Hi all!! . I am in the beginning stages of planning my August 2015 wedding. We are flexible on the date and looking at Saturdays and Sundays. Our wedding will be approximately 80-100 guests.
I am in search of an affordable wedding planner since we are planning out wedding from out of town. Did any of you ladies find someone GREAT and not too pricey that you might recommend? Need help with everything starting with an affordable wedding venue- hopefully waterfront.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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  • No idea what "affordable" is. I'm using The Busy Bee (based out of Orlando but I found that was a better deal) and so far they've been amazing.


  • We used Yadi Rose for a Coral Gables wedding.  She did "month of" for us and on the "day of" came in with a full team.  I don't know what your price range is, but if you are using S. FL as a destination wedding, you are going to need more than "day of" for sure.  
  • I noticed you recommended embassy suites on a separate thread as a reasonable venue. Do you have any quotes they have given you? I emailed them and am anxiously awaiting their reply. Thanks for all your suggestions ladies..

    Also- I know "affordable" is a vague term but I am in the very beginning stages of planning and honestly don't even know the going rate for wedding planner, that's why I asked for recommendations. And maybe someone could clue this newby in.
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    Embassy Suites on 17th Street will generally go for $50.00 per person, but not including the bar.  Their venue is really beautiful and not at all what I had expected.  From the outside, you would never guess the interior and hidden exterior has such beautiful gardens and waterfalls.  The ballroom I used also has an attached outside but covered area for ceremony and/or cocktails.  For that price, I was really expecting rubber chicken and crunchy rice, but I was pleasantly surprised with very good food.
    If you can stay at the 80 guest mark, I have also recommended Bimini Boatyard, also on 17th street.  Without the bar, you can get 3/4 course amazing food for about 30.00-40.00 per person. Their private room accommodates a small DJ or keyboard player, which definitely helps the budget.
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