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I am looking for ideas on for an indoor ceremony locations in downtown Minneapolis. Originally, we were going to have the ceremony at our church, but the only time offered is 3pm. I really want to ovoid the "break." Our reception location may be an option for the ceremony, but it will be tight with space so I want to see other options. 

I love the idea of a conservatory or an art museum. The wedding is in the summer, but I want to avoid an outdoor ceremony. Any advice is appreciated! 

Re: Ceremony Locations

  • Don't get worried or bent out of shape because of a "break" time - focus on why you want to have your ceremony in the church in the first place!!! 

    I quite enjoy having that little bit of time as it gives a few minutes to finish wrapping a gift or signing the card, finding one's way to the reception site (because if you get lost or delayed there's still time to get there without being late for the meal), etc. and a 3PM ceremony means you'll likely be done with the receiving line at about 4-ish if it's a 30 minute ceremony, out of the site by 4:30/5 just in perfect time to drive to the reception site for a cocktail hour.  Our church had a 1:00 start time and we were fine on the timing for cocktail hour/dinner...

    If that's still unacceptable, then just have your ceremony in your reception site. 

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