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Lets all agree that Sears sucks, mmmkay? (LONG)

H and I bought our Refrigerator and Oven from Sears at their Friends & Family sale November 19th (somehow I remember) and scheduled delivery for Wednesday December 17 (closing day).   We knew that it was a tight window but we also knew we would make it work.  Tuesday the 16th H received an automated phone call giving us our 2 hour window of 12-2pm on Wednesday.

Wednesday rolls around with it's own challenges of the Sellers leaving random stuff in the house (albeit a CLEAN house) and with 3 piles of stuff for their realtor to remove, we were ready to move on and have our appliances delivered.  2pm rolls around with no appliances, but a phone call from the delivery people saying that they were so overscheduled that they couldn't even get all of the appliances on the truck in order to meet demand and they would reschedule us for Friday the 19th from 8-10am.  Fine, that would work as well, a pain in the butt, but okay.  At that point, we had enough to take care of and arguing with a guy on the phone was not going to advance our purpose.

Friday comes, 10am comes, NO APPLIANCES.  H gets on the phone with Sears and they said that no one ever rescheduled us--per the manager.  Manager says that one of her employees will call Sears direct and see what she can do---and call him back "shortly".  Of course no phone call arrives, so while out and about he stops IN to the store, and stands there and is told by the Manager of the store that they aren't willing to do much of anything and that somehow they will deliver the stuff on Saturday and install.  But they can't guarantee a time, and they will call us Friday night to schedule.  At this point H is so upset that he's called another appliance store, asked about instock availability and has an alternate plan.  When the Sears manager just kept talking in circles, H said "you've talked enough, cancel my order---thankyouverymuch"---and walked out.  The best part is, the employees at the store were friendly but apparently the Manager was a condescending jerk, which pretty much sealed the deal.  Way to go.

We acquired what we really wanted, had it installed 4 hours after purchase and are not working with Sears ever again.  And when H says that, he means it.  I suppose it worked out, because I love my new Fridge and Oven.


Re: Lets all agree that Sears sucks, mmmkay? (LONG)

  • Seconded.  I think the last time I had a positive experience at Sears, I was four years old and they were handing out balloons.  That's it.

    Sorry it was such a cluster getting your appliances, but I'm glad everything worked out.
  • Sears will be in bankruptcy next year.  We only use them for the bathroom on the way to the play area.
  • We have never attempted to purchase anything big from Sears because of stories like this and we don't go in very often, but when we do, we always question why we walked in.

  • H is a huge tool snob and only likes Craftsmen - so we get those there.  This weekend I bought a microwave - but I think it was the first thing I have gotten for me there in years.
  • We've gotten quite a few appliances from there with the only issue being the service guys they hired locally for any repairs/maintenance.  One guy showed up here to do a maintenance visit on our water softener and was flat out functional drunk.  Otherwise, no complaints about our local stores themselves they've always been great/fantastic...
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