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What to include in the invitations

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I am starting to organize my invitations and start stuffing them. I feel as though I don't have enough information in them. I have the ceremony card and response card and the envelope. The ceremony and reception are at the same place, do I need more?  We have a wedding website and all of the information is included on there and we sent a STD and has the website address. 

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Re: What to include in the invitations

  • It sounds like you have everything covered.
    My invitations have the invite with the ceremony info (same place as reception), RSVP cards and envelopes, and a directions card with a map. I would have skipped the directions card, but the venue is on the 26th floor of a building and I wanted guests to feel comfortable navigating from the parking garage to the ceremony. There's also going to be some construction near the building so I picked the least affected route to suggest.


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  • Well, not everyone has Internet access or is tech-savvy, so if there are any such persons among your guests who need parking, transportation, or other information that's on your website, I'd include it in their invitations. Also, if you did not send a save-the-date to every guest, you'll need to include your website URL to any guest who needs that information who did not receive a save-the-date.
  • You are fine.
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