Wedding Woes

Good morning?

How am I the first one in?

Today will be 7.5 hours of the remaining 10.5 hours until 5.5 glorious days of vacation.  I cannot wait.  PJs and nerd games/movies await me.

Re: Good morning?

  • I came in late because I feel like hell.
    But it's the last day before break, I wanted to be in, JIC--because I told a few teachers I would be, if they wanted to get in their payments by deadline.

    I just want to go to bed.
  • I've been busy folding 6 loads of laundry and putting in some paid time.

    There is a LOT of Christmas break left.  I may go crazy.

  • Good morning!

    I'm wiped out. Went to bed too late, PF was up a bunch of times, and I'm at work for the next day and a half.

    I'm looking forward to Jewish Christmas.

    Baby Normous 2.0 is getting very active and there are some outside felt kicks and punches starting. And my belly button looks like a butthole. It's gross.
  • Morning!  Today is off to a quiet start.  DS is doing so much better.  DH dropped the kids off, traffic was light, hardly anyone is here.  (Hell, I wouldn't be here, if I hadn't used all my PTO taking care of sick kiddos.)

    I feel like we're ready for Christmas.  Last of our presents are on a UPS truck, out for delivery as we speak.  Picked up the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day groceries yesterday.  Teacher gifts are delivered.  No errands left to run.  Just running out the clock.   
  • I'm here at work, but really my heart isn't in it.  I need to make myself a really solid "to do" list and move forward with it. That way I KNOW I did my best to work...actually work.

    Last night, I did a 75 minute shop-fest and only have 2 gcs and one greeting card left to purchase.  I feel like that's not too shabby.  I am a little sad that I didn't buy much for H this year, but I suppose it is okay since we're both really busy.  Now I just need to wrap all of the gifts and get ready for christmas. 

    H got royally screwed last night---worked 4pm-12am, then back at 4am-8am, and back again today from 4pm-8pm.  So he's on 24 hours awake at this point and not sure if he's going to work on the old house or sleep.  I vote to sleep, but after maybe an hour of work.  I don't know how he survives, I would be a huge whiner.
  • I'm putting off going to get DH's last gift.  I can't believe I still need to buy something on Dec 23.

  • I'm learning that I don't feel like doing jackshit today.  It's been a struggle, and it's not even lunchtime yet.
  • I feel ya, Heffa. I saved ONE thing to do today so I could get through the day.  I'm finding I'd rather hit refresh on FB, this board, and start reading alerts instead.  Even if it's boring.
  • I'm here and not motivated to work.  Tomorrow will be even worse and I'm here until 3 PM.  I did all the gift wrapping last night.  Today I need to confer with my mom & decide what I'm bringing Christmas eve and Christmas brunch so I can grocery shop tonight.  The store will probably be crazy.  Our office is closed Friday so it'll be a great 4 day weekend.  
  • I really need to go over one of my boss' finances but I just can't pull it together enough to do it. Maybe after lunch.

  • So over today! Actually, so over this month entirely!

    I got stuck with someone else's fire to put out at work. Something that could have been avoided and planned better if she only told me in advance about it. Like I had asked for WEEKS ago. Tired of being a damn miracle worker.

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  • I'm still not working that hard.  And it's 3 hours later.  FAIL.

    And yet, I still don't care.  My "give a crap" is broken.
  • VarunaTT said:
    I feel ya, Heffa. I saved ONE thing to do today so I could get through the day.  I'm finding I'd rather hit refresh on FB, this board, and start reading alerts instead.  Even if it's boring.
    I left my phone at home, and only realized it when I went to check FB.  Mild cursing ensued.

    DH called and I started flirting with him, just to keep him on the phone and kill a little more time.
  • Here's some drama. DH went to a doctor appointment Friday.  The only reason I know about it is he left the receipt on his chest of drawers and I picked it up to dust.  It was a urologist.
  • Oh wow, 6. 

    So he's doing the snip without asking or....? 
  • I really don't know why he was there and I'm not sure how to approach it.  I had a tubal so unless he's worried about someone else getting pg I don't know why he'd need something.  We have sex 2-3 times a week and he's never had issues. 

    He's so very quiet and reserved it can be hard for him to discuss personal issues. Add that he has always opened up when he's ready I'm thinking about just waiting until after Christmas to bring it up.

  • More appropriate:

  • For clarity: I don't think he's having an affair. 
  • 6fsn said:

    We have sex 2-3 times a week

    You go, girl
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