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Catering to ceremony instead of reception?


Re: Catering to ceremony instead of reception?

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    smh0815, you posted the question, so I think part of you had to question if it's right to host your guests so differently. The fact that you're asking indicates you probably care about your guests and what they think. Trust that initial instinct to doubt your proposed plans and follow the advice here so your guests feel treated well.
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    OP right now 
    Cover your ears
    Don't be so ignorant. 
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    I love it when people post on the Etiquette board and then get mad when they receive proper etiquette advice.

    We just don't understand her life and why she should be able to do whatever she'd like.

    I understand if she's following church rules, it can get difficult. But otherwise. Pfft.

  • I doubt if the OP is Mormon.  She would have confirmed that by now if she was.
    I can see that it would be confusing to be in a state where there are different customs for different churches, but Mormons do not commonly have tiered receptions.  Their weddings are private, and then they have a celebration with people outside the immediate family at their reception.
    OP, you really need to think about your guests needs first.
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    smh0815 said:
    Here is something that I found on this website!

    - Tiered weddings are totally the norm. Ceremony is often just attended by the closest family and friends. After that, there's cocktail time for everyone the couple knows: colleagues, neighbors you hardly know... Dinner is for closer people again, sometimes just for family and bridal party. The current trend is to have a small dinner and than invite mostly the younger crowd/friends for dancing.
    PPs have you covered on this being a horrible idea. But please, enlighten me on how you would even DO this logistically. Here's what it sounds like to me:

    -Ceremony for Friends and Family (just the closest people)
    -Then cocktail hour for everyone including people you hardly know who happen to live in your neighborhood (super strange).
    -Send the neighbors home. Straight up ask them to leave. Or have the DJ make an announcement (should they call out names?), because now it's time to feed dinner for just the closest people again.
    -After dinner invite all the rando people in your life to come back for dancing. If they arrive early while dinner is still being eaten, have someone collect their presents and place them on gift table. Make them wait outside til dinner is done being eaten because you know, there's nowhere for them to go yet. The will queue up outside until dancing begins.

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  • You can find websites on the internet that claim that the earth is flat.  That doesn't make it true.
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